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Stuck in the sewer without money

So my agent that is in the sewer is not the same agent that has the dime, therefore I cannot use the phone that is down there. I also can’t use the cellphone because there is no reception. The payphone in town is broken, and the phone in the police station in incoming calls only.
Am I missing something? I don’t see a way to be able to get the agent out of the sewer without using a phone. I know there is a phone in the circus tent but I haven’t unlocked that part of town yet due to needing both characters work together to get the map. But one is still in the sewers! Do I need to restart the game? Please help!!

Yes, but you are on the right track. :slight_smile:

No! Think about what you would do in the real world, if you would be the agent with the dime. :slight_smile: And you should search for a specific thing on the floor.

(If you would like to know the full solution to this puzzle, please let us know. :-))


Well, you have a dime … up in the town
And you have a pay phone… down in the sewer
If only you could get them both in the same place, right?
Think which of both objects is the easiest to move to the other.

A new Shania Twain hit in the making! :thinking:

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