Alternative solutions to TWP puzzles

I am in contact with several friends of mine, they are currently playing Thimbleweed Park.

It’s funny to listen to them when they are arguing about how to solve the puzzles.
Here is a list of what I have heard so far:

  • How to charge the battery: one of the “living” characters should be allowed to drop the battery somewhere in the hotel, so Franklin could “Zap” it, and recharge it

  • How to call the Pigeon Brothers: they will come if there are spinkles, in addition to plumbering or paranormal activities. So, let me think, how to make some sprinkles in the hotel?

  • Where to find the Chuck’s fingerprint to open the wall safe: the Chuck’s log Vol. 1, it MUST have his fingerprints on it!!

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Those are similar to what I thought myself when first playing the game. I’ve also seen others think of the same.

It didn’t take me too long to figure out how to charge the battery, but the actual solution was not my first thought: I also thought of Franklin first.

As for the Pigeon Bros. Sisters, I think most people tend to put a stronger emphasis on the “plumbing” part of their job. I know that I also didn’t make the connection at first, but on replay I can see that it is very obviously on the nose how the game keeps hinting about “plumbing, electrical, and paranormal” services.

The other common mistaken solution I’ve seen is trying to get Chuck’s thumbprint from the sarcophagus. This is a case of encountering the puzzle much too soon; the solution is not available until far into the third act, but you encounter the puzzle early in the second act, with absolutely no hope to solve it until much later.


I even tried to get Franklin into the sarcophagus, but he refuses, what a stubborn :smiley:

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I tried to use my carefully picked specks of dust as fingerprint powder in part 7 :disappointed_relieved: