Another kickstarter bites the dust 😞

System Shock remake is not probably going to happen, they wasted 1.3M and now are on a hiatus…

Second time something I backed goes bust after Rocket Ranger reboot.

One more round of applause for Team TWP, who delivered an awesome game!


On 16.02.2018 Stephen Kick (CEO and founder of Nightdive Studios) wrote out an System Shock update. He sad that he put the team on a hiatus but he also sad that this is NOT the end of the project and System Shock is going to be completed.

I’m also a backer of this absolutely great game and I hope they will release it :slight_smile:

This article adds an extra factor that the Kickstarter update didn’t mention.

It seems that the development team were unable to secure funding from publishers, with the vision of the game that they had presented to those publishers. This is likely one of the key factors that caused so many changes to be made, which prevented sufficient progress in the end.

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Well it’s on hiatus and they are open about it.
I won’t consider it as failed. They have re-released some games in the past and I’m optimistic they will find a way continuing development of this project.

Btw. this was the Kickstarter Update:

As long as they have some money left, they can still follow their “original concepts” - probably with a less spectacular result though.