Unfortunately Ninja - classic AG - demo and help needed!

I’ve just played the demo of Unfortunately Ninja and… what a wonderful game! A true classic. It could as well be made by Lucasarts!

Interesting characters and story. Great graphics and music.
Multipath gameplay like Fate of Atlantis.

Just thought I’d share it here hoping that it could reach its Kickstarter goal. Only few days are left.


Official site to download the demo:

This wonderful project won’t see the light if the Kickstarter goal won’t be met by the end of May.


I backed it as soon as the Kickstarter campaign started. It looks awesome! I played the demo a bit… It definitely has strong Money Island vibes.
I’m scared it will not be funded, though. I’m planning to give a bit more at the end if it’s still not fully funded.
I really want this game to be made.

EDIT: You should change the link for the Kickstarter page. It’s not working.
It should be this https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/marcoronco/unfortunately-ninja-a-point-and-click-graphic-adventure

Also see Under development adventure games that are worth a mention - #821 by kaiman

I’ll need to play the demo first (personally, the story and art style doesn’t speak to me based on the images and videos) and perhaps they’ll get the maximum reachable crowd for kickstarting retro P&C games in Belgium. “l’ Italie: douze points, Italy: 12 points

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I’m absolutely in love with the backgrounds. I can’t say the same for the characters though, I’m not a fan of that manga / rpg style.

I wish them all the best. Sadly it seems that the goal may be too high.

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If one of the three is me and one of the three isn’t you, who are the other two?

- A riddle that could’ve been in MI2