Another World - Classic Edition for PS4 and Vita

Limited Run Games is releasing classic boxed editions of Another World (not sold out yet; sold out):

It contains the game, a poster, a code wheel, a design diary booklet and a floppy disk:

If they would make a PC or even a Switch one I would buy one…


Well, that was quick: all editions (including DVD-box releases and soundtrack bundles) are sold out, at least of this first batch.

*beep* pig, 54$ ???

Is it too much or too less?

Big box, big price :slight_smile:

Edit: TWP was $64.99

Classic simply means physical or something specific like a funky sized box?

It’s a big box, look at the picture above: The blue thing is typical a DVD-sized box, the black thing on the left is a big cardboard box containing all the other stuff.

This link shows all current releases:

If you are interested in one of those there will be a new batch available at 22:00 UTC:

The final batch is/was available.

Just checked their website: It’s sold out. except 4 pieces of the big box PS4 version.

But if anyone is looking for the digital-only version: It’s on sale on GOG in a bundle with Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper and System Shock 2.

And the reason I remembered this: Broken Age will get a physical release from Limited Run Games on Switch (but it seems like there will be no collectors edition like Another World or TWP).

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Gosh, I already own all the other stuff in the bundle. Couldn’t they at least have made the individual games €3 or something. >_>

Dungeon Keeper 2 and Theme Hospital are individualy heavily discounted, but the other two have their base price.

But even if you just want Another World: it’s 50% off buying this bundle and if 3€ would have been OK then 4.39€ isn’t that far away.

If you are cheap then wait when it’s on sale again (likely 80% off).
If you are rich you have already bought this bundle which contains 4 copies of Another World: :slight_smile: :dollar:

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I have little interest in the game itself; it was more of a comment on the principle of the thing. Dungeon Keeper 2 and Theme Hospital are the only things I would pick up personally (and have in the past). System Shock 2 I got for free at some point iirc.

I’m not that in those Theme* games but the other three were a must have.
But of course I already owned all four, it feels like I own the majority of the games in GOG’s gaming catalogue… (no kidding: at one point in time I actually owned > 50%, but this is a long time ago)

Theme Hospital is a pure classic. Almost anything by Bullfrog probably is.

Same here. It’s “only” a little bit less than 300, but that pretty much means I own just about anything that realistically interests me give or take a few exceptions that I don’t want to double buy. (I do double buy some things I have on CD/DVD for the convenience but certainly for no more than €5.)

I’m a big fan of Bullfrog!

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I was going to say Gene Wars wasn’t particularly great, when I realized I was confused with Gender Wars. I’m fairly sure I have that on CD-ROM somewhere.

PS My wife bought the Dragon Age/Homeworld/Owlboy thing.