Fan Gamer Big Box TWP

So my big box came today. All they way from our American cousins across the pond.

Very special feeling holding a game in an oldschool big box, brand new shrink wrapped with no damage.

People on UK Ebay are trying to sell these for £150-200! Grrrrr!

I got mine including delivery for $50 that’s about £38 including posting, I am very happy it is a lovely collection.

They even bunged in some Undertale bits which was a lovely bonus. I don’t think I will open it up. I might get a second copy for that !

I was a bit worried because they had a thing on their site about Royal Mail and customs charges. I assume that’s for more expensive stuff ? I am lucky in that no matter where I have got stuff from Germany, France, Holland America, Canada China in a couple of cases I’ve never had to pay anything in charges.

I’ve not opened it but I am super excited! Brilliantly done all that. Here is a very excited Irish guy expressing my excitement and joy at getting this though the post

They sent him a new label ! Yay.

Of course I didn’t get a backer edition because I was too slow for that bus! But I will be keeping my eyes out for any future projects for sure.

Just done my review on FanGamer