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It's time for a physical reprint for the current-gen consoles


I honestly think it’s time for a physical reprint of TWP, especially with the new mini episode included. The Limited Run-versions costs between 70-140 Euros and it’s getting out of hand (excluding import fees).

Hi Miles, welcome. Your name looks familiar to me… what is your favourite game?


adventure-wise? Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.
Otherwise I have played many great games the past decades.

Latest good game I finished: Persona 5 (it’s really good and not too Anime’ish)
Currently playing: My Friend Pedro, The Messenger

Your name reminded me a character from Ace Attorney :slight_smile:

Getting a bit edgey here, yes? :rofl:




Just get the PC box then …

(I don’t want to make a fuss just in case, but somehow they managed to stay well below the levels at which import and even taxes were due ) … and use the money you save doing this to buy an extra download copy on your favourite console.
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I stopped collecting PC-games a long time ago. There is literally no value to them. Friend of mine just copy-pasted a link for me from his GOG-version and I had no fun playing the game. I also considered getting the game during the past week’s Steam-sale but it simply doesn’t feel right to me to dish out money for it when it lands sooner or later in a humble bundle set.

I thought you hoped on getting your hand on the physical box with all the feelies inside for less than

but apparently you

because you don’t like the game anyway? If it is because of the mouse controls,
you can play it on PC with a controller of your preference (even switch joycons after some tinkering)

Or is the feeling of guilt that you aren’t supporting the devs when playing through a basically pirated link that makes you not able to enjoy playing?

Talking about supporting the devs, they aren’t making more or less money from the physical releases since most of the markup is going to production and distribution costs there.

Even when Epic games gave away the game for free it didn’t hurt the devs, according to Ron’s statement

So what would you actually want (for which console?) and what price?
A physical copy in a slim case with the original game + Ransome DLC(?) + bonus Delores?

Aren’t the Limited Run versions all sold out, by the way?

[ok I found one on amazon… but that is basically the same as ebay here]


I think you get the wrong idea here. I simply do not enjoy playing good games on the PC anymore because it’s way below the game’s own worth. You get most of these games thrown after you some years later which is why I do so absolutely no value in getting a PC Collector’s Edition these days. Ori and the Blind Forest was such an example because it bothers me so much that you simply own a license which can be taken away from you any time. Friends gifted me Steam-copies of Cuphead, Hollow Knight and some other games but I really haven’t played them all because it doesn’t feel like you own the game anymore these days. I’m currently waiting for my Switch-version of Hollow Knight to arrive here so I can enjoy it on the go. Cuphead will be released later this year physically and I’ll likely get it then as well. I think the best win/win-situation would be to release the games physically with a digital download code for the system you purchased it, like Special Reserve Games did it with their Hotline Miami Collection the past weeks.

I think I simply started to realize that digital goods aren’t my cup of tea. Apple and Amazon have a history of removing your digital purchases although you “own” them. There was a big topic on the /movies subreddit about which games and movies got removed the past years and people were absolutely salty to see their expensive purchases go away. And yes, not everything gets removed from your collection as well. This is especially true for some Steam-games (Ghostbusters, OutRun, f.e.) but who knows how the trend will develop in the future?

A re-release of the game for sure and perhaps the added DLC and bonus episode which would justify getting it again for some people. Not everyone knew about Limited Run Games’ release back then and I think the game deserves another shot to get a physical release. Just release the game through “Strictly Limited Games” or “Super Rare Games” this time.

I agree with the essence of what you say[1] but I’m fairly sure the TWP box is DRM-free?

[1] I basically consider Steam long-term rentals.

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You mean you don’t enjoy buying good games on PC as their ASP is dropping very fast or fluctuates heavily. I can see the frustration in buying something when next week it is available for near-free. Or if you missed a sale. If you don’t have this on consoles, it just means they are continually overpricing stuff there.
In any case it is not the game’s fault. So it should not influence your enjoyment of a game?

Well, the physical copies of TWP come with a digital download code on a sticker on the box, plus the game on a physical medium.

True. That’s why some do like to collect games in physical form. I simply don’t get why you hate the same game on one platform versus another if you can get them (non-patched to the same release on both.)
Moreover, on PC you get the GOG code, so you can download and burn your own copies and backups and store them in as much safe places and buried treasure chests as you like. Unlike companies like Apple and Steam that allow you to “lease” their products.

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