Any fans of...?

Dave Matthews is one of the four members of Farm Aid.

The order they perform once a year is always the same. Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp, Neil Young and Willie Nelson.

I´m guessing lots of people get exposed to his music who actually want to hear Neil Young.

Yup, never heard of them.

But then I have ask, does anyone of you know Vulfpeck?

Sorry, never heard of.

No… What a name!

Nah, but awesome name!

never heard :slight_smile:

what do you suggest I listen?

Well, actually it turned out, as I thought, that none of my fellow compatriots knew Dave Matthews. That’s the reason why I was quite surprised when @yrface said he was so popular in the USA.
@seguso, I suggest you to begin with The Last Stop. It is a sort of “take-off test”. Play it loud, you’ll love it or (more probably) you’ll hate it, but at least I’ll save your time! :sweat_smile:

@Guga Vulfpeck seem interesting. Can you suggest something to listen, too?
EDIT: don’t suggest the silent album, please… :roll_eyes:

I was not going for Sleepify because I got to know them on YouTube*, not Spotify :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re looking for something funky I’d go for Mit Peck or probably Vollmilch. If you’re more into songs with vocals, then go for The Beautiful Game.

As for single songs, Dean Town is the one that got me into them, and 1612 is my favorite with vocals.

*they have their whole discography on their YouTube channel

I certainly know of James Matthews (Band), though I probably wouldn’t recognize any of his music. Or I might have heard it, but I wouldn’t be able to put a name to it.

What I found out a few years back is that Paradise By the Dashboard Light is not well known in America.

(Meat Loaf is known, but mainly for I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).)

I’ve heard that song before, btw. Not sure when or how.

I’ve put the song in a loop, I’ve listened to it already 10 times, and I have to say at each new loop I’m hating it more!

but this one sounds more human and less like I’m in Morocco between camels.

I may I have mentioned it before but I absolutly love Ghost from sweden! To me they are the greatest current rock band around. :metal: