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Anyone else tried Octavi Navarro's "Midnight Scenes"?

Maybe they made it like look an “accident”?

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That’s possible. One thing that I thought is that the truck hit the utility pole because there was some kind of electric issue with the truck. I’m thinking of this because the boy himself (or whatever “image” of it remains) radiates electricity. Maybe the boy has/had special powers related to electricity.

Which would be remarkably close to Thimbleweed Park´s ghost mythology…good thought!

I didn’t though about that similarity, that’s an interesting association!

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I’ll post it also here, for better visibility: Just released adventure games

I just “bought” it (you can pay whatever you want, or just download it) and played it. Once again, what is best from Octavi is his ability to set a mood. I liked it, it’s really nice.


Thanks for the heads up. I really liked Midnight Scenes, even though it was almost too scary for me. I will support Octavi Navarro, because I like him and his art.

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Judging from your avatar, I wouldn’t have said you get scared by such a game! :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean: I’ve always found P’n’C games, compared even to the less violent FPSs, quite relaxing even if they have a mistery/thriller/horror mood like Midnight Scenes. To look at a scene from outside gives me less stress, you’re less involved in the perspective of the single character and more in the whole story, like a living being from the upper world.

Episode 2 is available:


I’ve downloaded it, made a donation, but I think I’ll play it in the upcoming weekend.


That was great! If the first episode was Lynchian this one was wonderfully Lovecraftian!

Two things:

When you are in the airshaft where the broken toy robot lies the exit to your right just says “hotspot”.

Did I see “wires” on the airplane? That made me laugh! :laughing:

I’m playing it now (late lunch!) The intro reminds me of The Twilight Zone.

I’m not coming back until I’ve finished it, in case any spoilers appear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: let’s hope it’s a short game.

:open_mouth: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

:zipper_mouth_face: :ok_hand:

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That was good! Although his games are short and the story in this one was a bit predictable, I love the atmosphere. And a few bits actually made me jump (in a good way)!

I think this one is probably my favourite out of the two Midnight Scenes and The Librarian.

Oh, I didn’t notice the first thing.

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Another new upcoming short adventure by @OctaviNavarro :smiley:

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