Anyone interested in a trade?

Here is a bunch of crap I don’t need:

Classic Tales

Complete: No. Missing all code-wheels and 1 manual.
Condition: Excellent.

Only known release of MI on 7 floppies (DISK01.LEC … DISK07.LEC). Can provide scans of the missing stuff (see this and/or ebay).

Monkey Island PC CD-ROM

Complete: Yes. Still has EULA and Quick Start cards.
Condition: Box- Good-VG, Internals Very Good-Excellent. Manual has some scratches on the cover which were there from when it was new (I’ve seen this on several copies), see scan.

Ideally would trade for a different Lucasfilm boxed game, or for Kings Quest V boxed.

Monkey Island 1 & 2 Doubles (PC CD-ROM)

Complete: Yes.
Condition: Good overall. Box is indented with some wear as per photo. Jewel case broken, can provide replacement (artwork is fine).

Ideally I would trade this for the Aussie MI Madness big-box version.

Indiana Jones FOA

Complete: Yes. Also includes hint book.
Condition: Mint. The Manual shows some light wear.

Obviously I will only trade this set for something else in equal condition.


Can include the MI hint book in good condition with either Classic Tales or PC CD-ROM big-box. Or will trade it for CMI hint book. I also have Grim Fandango missing the manual, with box in condition similar to MI 1&2 Doubles.

I’d prefer to trade with fellow Aussies of course, but open to whatever. None of that stuff is for sale, trade only. I do have this stuff I will sell for A$10 each postage included in Australia with direct deposit:

Grim Fandango “DVD case”
Curse of Monkey Island Jewel case (no box)
Escape from Monkey Island “DVD case”
Escape from Monkey Island Jewel case (no box)

None except EMI Jewel case include a printed manual.

I might be interested in the Secret of Monkey Island CD-ROM!

Any chance you’re looking for a boxed Curse of Monkey Island or Classic Adventures compilation?

I may be interested in Classic Adventures, post a pic. I have CMI.

I’ll be putting some of this stuff on eBay soon, so don’t forget to send me a message or a PM if you have something to trade.

Well despite my empty threat, all this crap is still in my cupboard. If anyone would like a trade please email me or send me a PM. Preference given to Aussie trades, obviously, as postage is much cheaper.

yeah, I think there just aren’t that many Australians on the forum here?

I still miss IJ FOA in my collection… but I don’t want to trade anything except money. (or a completely unrelated game, like Interplay’s Stonekeep or so)

I am quite happy to trade it for money. :slight_smile: I mean I’d rather trade it for something much better than money, but that will do.

I still have most of the stuff in the OP if anyone wants to make some trades?