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One of the guys here @Sushi reached out to say some of the included files for Monkey Island appear to be corrupt. Oddly enough this appears to affect both the EGA and the VGA version.

They included the version 1.1 of MI1 VGA - nice to see that version finally crop up outside of Australia, and the 8-disk EGA version. I’ve uploaded a file to a private link on my blog for anyone that needs it, anyone who needs it can reach out I can be contacted by email if I’m not here. It includes MI1EGA8, MI1VGA7, the 5.0.19 version MI1 VGA interpreter (skips copy protection) and MI2 (just in case you need it - both floppy versions). The KIXX version of MI2 has a 2byte tweak in monkey2.001 rendering the copy protection screen useless.

My old PDF recreated manuals for the games are here:



May as well upload decent copies of the 3 and 4 PDF’s too…

CMI (this is higher quality than the one included on the CD-ROM).


I’d be interested to hear if anyone else would like to confirm a problem with the files from Limited Run Games!!

Update: LRG are going to investigate/look into it. :slight_smile:


Hi I can´t open the links to the PDFs


I’ve removed the IP blocklist which is probably the culprit, try again.

Yes, now it works, thanks

Actually, only the EGA version (the one included on the USB under “_Retro Backups\Monkey Island 1\MS DOS 5.25”) is corrupt. This happens when you switch to disk4 or disk6 quite early in the game when going to the overview island map or on the first cut scene when exiting the SCUMM bar; so that was easy to discover.

I did not see any corruption with the VGA version (yet)… but the checksum of DISK02.LEC is different between the version provided by LRG and yours. To be checked in further detail.

I haven’t got around to checking the LGR retro backups of MI2 yet.

Did anyone open the DVD yet to see if it contains other content than the USB stick? Mine is still in plastic wraps.

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I’m sure it will affect others, there’s no way that it’s a copying error that affects only your copy! So I eagerly await hearing others confirm this.

SHA256 checksums for Monkey1 EGA:

d49e5569b05242d9bd21db4e88063c41c6016f1d1c3d2c1c2e5ffc6f9ebb4ac9 _INSTALL.BAT
1e20ad1b429bb39200b0a08d327a9708ab03369fec87e7d54cc91af26c2640d2 000.LFL
0d341d1dfec0399083ef2c274cbb3464e1f1fba16090450f48f9551aabe3a023 901.LFL
2b76090dc87fcae88fa1a850adac84e3314713fda193f6c6312822593e285608 902.LFL
6b5426627b7e7704779ecf40116c66a6563f036776611d4bc5cd033e985c221c 903.LFL
9c90c965b6f110a057cc7524e044984123b3940dcba81c6487abe7388b29a415 904.LFL
4b97cf3a56428fdf1df0b1e2543a0431a0d741a752b45f44de9f4a6f82441a61 DISK01.LEC
2e81045e5e87d09340ee4dc3ac40f925bec6b9e8a8830b47eb9d95a71661ec90 DISK02.LEC
43df5d123b8b0872b8ec9947ee7590cef591b2d4c418c23236985a551be371a7 DISK03.LEC
a88d0952cbbdef611b502ba85e09061ec4d050ecf1ffda153184129ff5c25161 DISK04.LEC
11c4bf7a1c58db08c458e39c2447e7c5514e3590217d7be7c3ce8b2cad1709ef DISK05.LEC
c6c71e3bb45bd36e40399273278f2860441371278e46b255109996ab57007c70 DISK06.LEC
378270a7d1c3d82141a6ea4fb3841b26ae2ff40e0853d17de800355fd89e60f4 DISK07.LEC
bcf57649df2daa87ebcff4e2fca709b54b412136a0b970f1b75944000756575b DISK08.LEC
0273d7f2418de2e776d25dede0b3fc2c9a62372407be105e6d111f2656512413 INSTALL.BAT
13f3bb8a59d806201c0e08198f36aa24c7eb46d9235b9839d9a91739befc8609 MONKEY.EXE