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Selling my copy of Tales of Monkey Island (SOLD)

Anyone in the US interested in my extra copy of Tales of Monkey Island? It’s in great condition! $25 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. If you’re interested, please send me a DM!

UPDATE: I verified that this does install and play on Windows 10. No DRM!

I have the EU disc and unless Telltale applied only online DRM to the US version, I can tell you that you can install and play it just fine (if you have a DVD drive of course)

Yeah, someone in the Facebook group just told me that it works fine on their Windows 10 machine. I just haven’t tried it. But thanks for the heads up!

Ok, I just popped in the disc and I was able to install and play the games without a problem! It works on Windows 10 just fine for me. Thanks, @Sushi!


Sold! Thanks all.

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