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Thimbleweed Park Art Book

Is the PDF of this art book available for sale anywhere? I bought the physical book, but if a digital copy is available I would like to buy it as well.


I’m afraid it’s currently not available for purchase.

Kickstarter backers got their PDF downloads via Bandcamp but only the soundtrack is officially for sale.

It would be great if the artbook PDF will be released somewhere.

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@RonGilbert Will you make it possible to buy extra content, specifically the art book in some way?
Is it possible to simply make it available for purchase on Bandcamp since it’s already on there?

Ideally it would be great to have this stuff included with the game, e.g. as a Deluxe Edition on GOG/Steam.
Or you put it on Humble or, you know, with a DRM-free Android version :smiley:

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I would buy it immediately! :+1:

Did you know you can lose those trust level badges? I though about changing the category to Support but it seems like I’m not a Regular anymore :thinking:.

Maybe because you posted too few posts in the past…? I don’t like this badge system at all(*). And where is this “private lounge area”?

(*) Same goes for these annoying “hints”, the limited likes and the dumb Discobot.

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Yes, it seems to check something about the recent activity.
But from the code it’s not immediately clear which ones are all time and which recent (except those saying _all_time :slight_smile:): trust_level3_requirements.rb

Edit: I assume it’s just topics_viewed and posts_read.

Been looking for that too. On the other hand, it’s not like this place is swarming with non-regulars that we need to setup another area. Although for privacy reasons…

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