TWP PC box sold out?

Hi everyone, I’m sorry if this not the right place to ask, but the Thimbleweed Park Collector’s Game Box is sold out on Fangamer and I’m wondering if there is a chance of it being restocked. Are there any plans for a reprint? I’ve contacted Fangamer but they haven’t responded yet and I’m hoping to get a more accurate reply here. Thanks!

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AFAIR Ron wrote somewhere here in this forum that Fangamer is constantly reordering the box. So I guess you’ll just have to wait a little bit. :slight_smile:

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They are ordering more… I don’t know the timeframe.


Now the box is abandoned. Or isn’t it?

It seems so. Although Fangamer still has Thimbleweed Park collection listed via search with supposedly 6 products it then doesn’t show a single one.

Using direct links they are either:

not found any more:

or sold out:

There are a bunch of boxes available on eBay for instance.