Anyway to get the collector's box game?

No news about the release date.

But there are two recent posts about the box that you might be interested to read:

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The Thimbleweed Park Collector’s Game Box is available on fangamer. :grinning:

It was available (for purchase) when it was reported in the other threads. Unfortunately, now you can only pre-order it.

Pre-ordered mine just now. If I manage to forget I did, it’ll make a nice Christmas present. :smile:

Hey Ron, hey everybody else! I know, that it’s a bit naiv question, but is there any possibility to get a boxed, and signed copy of Thimbleweed Park? :slight_smile:

You have three options
Option A:
Step 1) buy the collectors box on fangamer (PC/Mac/Linux) for $40 or limited run games (PS4/Switch) for $65
Step 2) meet up with Ron in Seattle or at a gaming convention and ask him to sign it
(Alternative: forge the signature using any of the $2000 ebay objects as reference photograph)

Option B:
step 1): travel back in time to November 18, 2014
Step 2) back the kickstarter at the box tier for $150

Option C:
Step 1) head over to eBay
Step 2) be prepared to pay way too much
See also this thread

Whatever you do, don’t put your own legit/forged box on eBay at extortionating prices


IMHO option B seems to be the most realistic one …

(And if we include chaos and time traveling theories, this might change the whole game!)

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Oh yeah, those three options are ranked in order of being realistically achievable too.

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Indeed! Bidding on eBay is a bitch!

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Mmm, too much options to choose from. I really like the one with time travel. Does anybody have a big ass diamond, or an uncle named Fred?

No, but I once had a barber named Dominique.

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No, but I could provide a toilet.

btw: I want these shoes:


Surely some people do! But is that really your best course of action? We all know how bad that turned out. I’d trust Doc E. Brown’s Delorean with a flux capacitor over dr. Fred E.'s chron-o-john any day. Way cooler ride too. :sunglasses:

I wouldn’t say that …

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Say that again after landing and tipping over!

But you can flush things through time. That’s a big plus!

But who’d you trust on the receiving side? Running away with all those carefully sought out big box games…
Not to mention the terrible risks when dr. Fred sees himself on any of these boxes or when playing the games - as we all know he does- while waiting for you to return from the past. Imagine what’ll happen to the space-time continuum!
The whole universe might cease to exist!!!

Oh, and the DMC-12 has a luggage trunk, you know.

And what about Biff? Imagine if he steals the boxes and re-sell them!

Oh, there is some space left? I thought it is used to keep the technical equipment?

Biff’s just a dumbass slacker. That three-headed tentacle behind you is holding an evil meteor!

Yeah, there is a luggage compartment under the front hood. In the first movie, you can see Doc almost forgetting his case of clothes and putting it there just a few minutes before the Libians arrive at the scene. Marty might use it later too, but usually he just tosses things on the passenger’s seat.

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