Arcade games room: your high scores

Pew pew!
Pewpew pewpewpewpewpew pew pewpewpew!

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Numbers might not be entirely accurate.

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*Beep* you!


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Do you think LEN is supposed to be Lenore? She doesn’t look like the video game type.

I assume it´s Leonard, which would make more sense.

Ohhhh, yes it does.

I have decided (for myself) that it’s Lenore, because her hate for game developers and “murder simulators” totally justifies the joke of her being a murder simulator fanatic (she got all the high scores).

If it’s actually an intentional joke by the authors, it’s a great one.


Lucas Earl of Norwich…I rest my case.

Yeah, well similarly I wondered if it was to demonstrate what a liar or fake person she is - i.e. she actually likes video games but won’t admit it. I love the idea of her sneaking around playing arcade games.

That would match with her profile.

Or maybe it was Delores, who we know has spent a lot of time at the Arcade but signed all her scores with the name of her sister, just to mess with her.

Haha, I like that theory too.

I have realized that Leonard says to Delores “I think you still have the highscore on most of the machines.”, so the last hypothesis makes even more sense.

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That´s what I based my assumption it was him on, as well. I think he´s the only character in the game to even mention the Arcade.

Ah yes, well spotted. That makes me think it’s Leonard now. There should be an achievement to beat Leonard’s score with Delores.

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Why does the fact that Leonard says that the games should still have Delores’ highscores leads you to conclude that those highscores are Leonard’s? :thinking:

How else would he know, if he wouldn´t play a lot, himself?

I still think it´s Leonard or “Lennard”.

BTW, I use initials on Arcade games, I´m always “MAF”.

Guess my 3-letters name in arcade games, since 1988? :blush:

Was it… drum roll… ZAC?

You know, from Zackck MackCkracquen.



I will refrain from posting THAT picture again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: