Down The Arcade

So… I’ve done certain things that got me into playing the Arcade.

Leonard in the shop said that I still had the high scores on all games…

Though when I play, all scores have ‘Len’ for Lenore?

Hmmmm. Interesting! She claims she has no interest in games.

Exactly, that’s another joke.

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Or maybe ‘Len’ stands for ‘Leonard’?



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Yeah, but in the shop he says you’re still king of the arcade with all the high scores still ! I doubt Leonard can cope with games he looks like the he spends most of his time high. I think it might be a nod in the right direction to something hidden.

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I’ve got so many deja vu reading the forum these days…

It´s like doing the time-warp! It´s just a jump to the left :man_cartwheeling:

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Thanks for the :ear::snake:

You know for a while I´ve been thinking about opening an earworm thread where I just post song lyrics (no videos just text and maybe pictures) to infect people if it is really THAT easy.


Great idea! I’m curious about the results. I bet that in most cases a small part of the lyrics would be enough. Or a picture like this:


An then a scroll of the threeeeeaaaaaads.
Put your hand on the mouse wheel…
And stay spoiler free…
but it’s the off-topic thrust that really drives you insaaaaaane…

Let’s read the old threads agaiiiiiiin!