Background rectangles out-of-place in Firefox

It’s since about a week that, using Firefox, I see this:

while the same page, with Chrome, is perfect as it should be:

I have noticed that, in Firefox, if I zoom in, then zoom out once, everything returns fine.
Until I click on any topic, and the new page loads with the issue again.

My current Firefox version is 57.0.4


Yes, I also noticed and pointed this out already.

No, you are not the only one. :slight_smile: Looks like the CSS is messed up: The stripes are not under the corresponding texts anymore. Maybe @eviltrout can help?

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Same with Firefox ESR.

Since about Sunday the whole menu has been completely overlapped and almost unusable for me. This is using an iphone with Safari and ios 11.1.2

If i turn it landscape it’s slightly better. I wonder why they changed it.

This looks like the new topic “+” button was a tiny envelope and the Shizoid Man was anxiously peaking out of it. :joy:


And it’s now official: I’m Off-topic.

Well we´ve been waiting for this issue to be resolved for almost a week now…

Chrome doesn’t have that issue, however the color scheme is messed up (also since a week ago or so. For example the color font on this menu:

Confirmed. Even in Firefox.

I’m not sure if this is thimbleweedpark specific or not, but I’ve asked the team to look into it.

I’ve made no changes to the site in months. If this is new, it’s probably not something I did.

It looks like we’ve identified a problem, and a fix will be deployed shortly.


Okay, it should be fixed now. Sorry everyone!

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Looks fine now.:+1:
What caused it? And how was it fixed?

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I’m not sure what caused the recent regresion, but we’ve been actively working on cleaning up our CSS and replacing our drop downs with simpler code. The fix is here:

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Yay! It’s back to normal for me…

Thank you very much, sir!

OK, it’s all working fine for me, too. Thank you.

Not sure what worries me more: a bug like this going unnoticed for so long, or that this forum was affected (and is now fixed) even though the latest discourse release is 6 days old.

Who’d run essential, mission-critical software such as this community board in an uncontrollably changing environment? And why? Does nobody think about us users?

The bug wasn’t noticed because on Chrome/Safari/iOS/Android it was fine, which is the majority of our users. We run thousands of forums so usually when something breaks we hear about it quickly.

We have test harnesses for things like server side APIs breaking, user interfaces not loading and other critical pieces of infrastructure, but if something just displays a little screwy on Firefox it’s harder to catch with automated testing.

Regressions are a normal part of software development. The alternative is to never update your software. We prefer to update frequently and fix bugs quickly once we’re aware of them (which we did in this case.)


I keep forgetting that the stalwarts of Firefox are the minority these days :frowning: .

So I guess the explanation is that this forum is hosted directly by Discourse (in contrast to a local installation). I didn’t suspect that.

Oh, I’m not too worried about regressions (or entirely new bugs), and in case of this forum there’s no reason to not have it run on the bleeding edge. But the whole ordeal reminds me of the fact that I as a user am less and less in control when it comes to software and features and updates. And it goes either way: there’s stuff you’d love to update, but you can’t. And then there’s stuff you’re happy with as it is, but to get some important security fix you’re forced to swallow a whole load of other crap that comes bundled with it. And it’s only getting worse, as more software goes cloud- and subscription based. Brave new world …