Beautiful Delores portrait by Luciana Circular

I liked the colors of this drawing so much that when somebody on Twitter wrote that they made this image their lock screen background, I immediately did the same… which is totally something that you wouldn’t expect from me.

Author: Luciana Circular


Ohh, this looks like Murray :slight_smile:
(a character Ron invented after creating DOTT; #MakeHistoryGreatAgain)

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I’m not sure if I know this character. I assume it’s not the skull. Do you have a source to get more information about it?

Oh, it’s a joke, right? I feel sarcasm. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s one of my fav fan art pics.

(everyone is a critic-mode): but that nose, though ? Reminds me of


Then again, they both also date back to 1987, so that is pretty awesome!


Not sure about Larry but I think you´re spot on with those “Once Upon A Time…” villains!

The shape of Larry’s nose combined with the color of those goons’ noses

You want noses?

Bertram Fiddle

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I can see that. Anyways the colors of the backround look real nice.

She also borrowed Chet’s costume:

Professor Layton has its fair share of ugly noses too…

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The first time I saw that nose, it reminded me of the nose of some Broken Age characters.

It also seems that making the nose reddish is a common technique among graphic designers.


Every italian over 25 here, can easily recognize those two guys in the “Siamo Fatti Così - esplorando il corpo umano” cartoon (=we are made this way - exploring the human body but the original french title can be translated as Once upon a time… the life), it’s made by a french author (Albert Barillé) and the location is the human body. Hilarious and instructive! Those two are bacteria :japanese_goblin:
Nose variants have been drawn for the brain (the long-white-beard guy) and red globules:

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I remember the tall blue one as a bacteria and the short yellow one as a virus. I think I saw most of the episodes of all those shows (Man, America, Inventors, Life) back in the day, except maybe the Space one, but that wasn´t also very educational.