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Real Phone Book

The Discourse search says that nobody has posted this so far, so here we go:



I don’t think it’s available separately. Different editions of the game had different goodies. This one might have come with the Nintendo Switch (or PS4?).

Really want this too!


Was Fangamer involved in these editions? :thinking:

I think they were done by Limited Run.

They were sold by Limited Run Games but with the help of Fangamer.

The big box edition for Switch contained the phone book.
The big box edition for PS4 contained the cassette tape.


Either that cassette is huge or that phonebook is tiny! Guessing that the cassettetron 3000 must be a bulky machine with tubes, so probably the first. Ignoring the laptop on top. Lap-top? In 1987? No idea
Anyway, first time I see that phonebook.


No, the cassette looks normal to me compared to the surroundings (like the border of the table and what´s under it). So the booklett is not exactly DINA4 I´d guess.

They both are about the same size of 37 pixels times 22 pixels because they have to fit into the inventory.

But seriously: The cassette is a normal sized one with the soundtrack on it and fits into every audio cassette player. Like this one:


Even better:


:joy: :joy: :joy:

Replying to this thread since you all seem interested in the phonebook and the cassette tape.

You can get the cassette tape on its own now at Fangamer:

There’s only a very small number of them available.

And we’re giving away 50 copies of the phonebook with a Twitter competition:


Wow, you got the cassette tape even before me!

Will there be a new run of the Thimbleweed Park Roadside Sign? They have even bought a hole-punch-machine for this back then!

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And what about the real phone book?

The real phone book won’t ever be for sale on its own. The only way to get it is via that competition.

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I don’t believe there will be another run of the Roadsign or the majority of the other items that Fangamer made.

Ohhh :cry:

So, who wants to sell their sign?

Eheh, on side A there’s “No quarter” (in loop) while on side B there’s the Thimbleweed Park opener.


Another version of the hotel kid:

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