Big Thimbleweed Park Anniversary Celebrations!

Yayyy, the podcast is here!



Please, transcribe this as soon as possible!

I’m going to listen to it tomorrow. (No spoilers please!)

There’s only one thing that I have to tell to Ron Gilbert, after having listened to the podcast, a thing that disappointed surprised me…

I guess I misunderstood… you don’t have a copy of Zak McKracken And The Alien Mindbenders?
If so, I promise that soon it will not be true more.
It’s a promise. :wink:

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I have understood the same: Ron hasn’t a physical copy of Zak and no physical copy of any Humongous Entertainment game.

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Liked it a lot.

Ron should have been a comedian.

Thanks so much.

It brought back a lot of memories.

(When he was talking about verbs, I wish he would have distinguished between “verbs on screen” and “verbs in a context-menu.”)

I already look forward to the second-year podcast :slight_smile:


Enjoyed the podcast a lot. And I think @David ´s analogy with “The Artist” was spot on.

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I also thought @RonGilbert ´s conclusion that the artist did not start a trend of silent movies was a good comparison. I really think we have to consider Thimbleweed Park a unique thing.

Oh and very interesting that you´re into VR now. Other than Ron it doesn´t make me sick and I find it really fascinating. I play several hours a day and hope there are more exciting things to come with this technology that now is already better than it has ever been!


And this isn’t a bad thing! :slight_smile:

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I’ve gotten motion sick in VR (as well as first-person-shooters!), but I’ve also had long emersions without getting sick at all. I’m fairly susceptible, but mostly when there are quick camera moves that aren’t under my control, or with underpowered equipment (when there’s a perceivable lag in imagery to my head movements).

I still haven’t purchased any equipment. Since I’m Mac-based, it most likely means getting a Windows computer, along with whatever gear is best at the time. I still have a few non-VR projects I need to complete, so am using my will power to hold off getting VR hardware until afterwards, or I’ll never finish my old projects!


Working on it…


Is it just me or does it seem at one point when Gary is joking about a law that forbids to not make any profit on a project that Ron cuts him off when he was just about to say the “T” word? It doesn´t seem intentional though but I don´t think he regretted changing the topic there either.

After hearing the podcast I want to hug @RonGilbert so much.
I wish him all the best. Him and his team.
TWP was the best (game) experience I had in the last couple of years, and I want to thank him. All day, every day. :heart:

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Finally listened to it. I thought it was great. A perfect ending. I wasn’t expecting anything once the game shipped so it was nice they put the time in to do this.

Hearing their voices again gave me a rush of nostalgia for the development days. I nearly teared up - they had me at ‘smartstache’.


I was wondering the same thing when I listened to it. It sounded to me like an edit in post. Gary didn’t even trail off, it just cut him off completely…
But I’m glad they didn’t venture into “T” territory since we hear enough about that already.


And it was obvious enough what he was referring to, anyway.

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Do you have a time marker for this? I’d like to check it out. I don’t remember editing anything out of the podcast, so it might be an error.