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Billy Masters was Right

This game feels like the most Ron Gilbert SCUMM game I’ve played in a while.


Looks very interesting!

Oh, close-ups (sort of):


Yes, it’s really cool!


Am i stuck?

Inventory: pick, hydrochloride acid, cloth with hydrochloride acid, operational video cam, garage door opener

I have already fixed the electricity wire (don’t know where it is going… somewhere in the basement)

I think I need todivert the old lady- by calling- but it is too dark to see the number with the camera

I found out that the hydrochloride acid could be used to remove poster, but I don’t know which one or why

Hydrochloride acid, cloth and Linus. And optics.

I was wishing the ending would have revealed that Billy was actually mental.

Awesome game! I love the graphics and atmosphere. It’s very true to the original MM style indeed. Cool puzzles & story, cool characters!

At first, I thought I would miss the SCUMM verbs, but I ended up liking the new simple UI.

I really enjoyed playing it and hope, that Postmodern Adventures will make more games like this in the future. :slight_smile: Or a full-length version/sequel of this. That would be a dream.

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