Bitchin' birthday thread

Don´t say anything, I know just what you´re talking about.


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I’ve downloaded a game pack called “Ransoms pack” with a bunch of games, including Zak, MM and… this one :grin:


I haven’t played any Ghostbusters game but I have heard from a lot of different versions via AVGN.
And this looks like very like the dreadful NES version! How is it?

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Before AVGN I didn´t know there was an NES version. The biggest problems of the NES version seem to be that is a more or less direct port of the C64 version (but was released 5 years later thus looking and sounding real dated) and that it adds a very difficult level. The staircase and final battle were absent from the C64 version. Once you got past Stay Puft Marshmallow Man the game was over.

Basically the C64 version consist of buying equipment and making money by catching ghosts in your trap and on the trap on your cars roof in the driving stages.

I guess it was pretty good for the time(1984). It was by the same guy who did Pitfall I think. It was one of the first games I ever played. But I guess for a 1989 Ghostbusters game on the NES you could have expected a bit more. They must have rushed it out to conincide with the second movie (that it isn´t even based on).

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Thank god!
I mean the final battle may not be that bad but the staircase…

Yeah, playing Castlevania a lot I´ve come to hate staircases so much!

Zuul sequence for each game:



Note also that the ending of the original is in correct english.

After 34 years, the Commodore 64 still fascinates young teens.
Tonight, he asked me to teach him how to use the BASIC.
“Zak, which is the PIN to change the background colour?”
… 53281?


Wow, in the NES version it’s more tough then ever!

What you can’t see in the video: Every footstep is a button press… (∗beep∗ that without turbo-controller!)

You did the same thing in Cervignano. With an original C64 :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s a cool gadget, though with an Amiga as a first computer, I cannot relate to it that much. That is not to say that the C64 didn’t have great games, some of which I remember fondly playing with friends who did have the bread box. From the top of my head:

The great thing about those was that they were all multiplayer games, and tremendously fun despite the comparatively poor graphics (even for the C64). Guess playing with or against friends beats fancy graphics every time :slight_smile:.


Happy Birthday to @tasse-tee! :birthday: :partying_face:


Let’s observe the sweet girl genethliac, everybody!


Wait a min… yesterday it was my mother-in-law’s… phew, that was close! :sweat_smile:

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What are you doing awake at this time?

Wrong thread :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Happy birthday @tasse-tee! Hope you have a fun day :balloon: :tada:

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Happy birthday @tasse-tee! We’ll all be at party held in your honor world-wide today (and the after party tomorrow)

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Happy birthday!


Happy birthday @milanfahrnholz!


It’s party time!!! :partying_face: