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What’s the objective here? Is it enough to get at least one or two into the building and then there is nothing else to do?

The stairs in the NES version are horrible but having a boss fight sounds like a nice addition.

Yeah, you have to get a certain number into the building with casulties allowed as the video shows I think. You have to move them in at just the right time which must be pretty hard since there is an extra trainer for “always getting past marshmallow man”. I never got that far myself though since I never reached the building in time because keymaster and gatekeeper met before and marshmallow man went on a rampage destroying the cities buildings (and then it just ends with a screen that says you have to pay the damage costs).

Obviously I haven’t played those games before but from somebody playing the NES version it seemed like the PK Energy meter is some kind of doomsday clock (which maybe leads to your above mentioned event?).

I think by touching the ghosts on the map you stop them from getting into the Zuul building right away. Then you have to catch them in the car sequence and this may slow down this PK Energy counter.

Does this make sense?

Well yes and no. That Zuul building event has to happen so you can enter that final scene. I think you need a minimum bank balance to trigger a certain event(or buy a certain item). If what you see in the video where all the ghosts gather happens then you can reach the building. The ghost catching earns you money to buy new equipment. What you don´t want to happen is for marshmallow man to suddenly appear on the map screen then he stomps the city. There might be a window between the PK meter reaching maximum level and this happening and in that time you have to get to the building. But I´m hazy on these details, also I never managed to do that properly.

Whilst not in line with the current conversation, I would like to state that Ghostbusters 2 is highly under-rated and in some ways actually surpasses the original film!


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Although I haven’t played any of the games I do like the movies!

I didn’t even know the second one was underrated. I liked them both and was surprised they didn’t make more of those back then.

Looking at the numbers on IMDB the first one was very successful in USA but the second one not that much. Internationally excluding USA it made more than the first one though.

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That was the thing that pissed me off most about reviews of that recent reboot, when they said “Hey, at least it´s not as bas as Ghostbusters 2!” Fuck off!

I mean Ghostbusters 2 has so many new quotable lines, the great Vigo, the walking Lady Liberty controlled by an NES, the underground ghost train etc.

I see that the biggest problem is that it rehashes a lot of plotpoints of the first one and to get to that point it makes people suddenly not believe in ghosts anymore who should remember that little near apocalypse 5 years earlier.

But that´s nitpicking. If you enjoy The Real Ghostbusters at all, you gotta love the second movie just as much as the first.

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I really liked GB2 when I was a child. I have to see it again as an adult.

But the C64 game about it was WAY better than the GB1 game.

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Did you get any far in it? I never managed to go down that shaft where you supposed to pick up the slime sample(I may have seen the river once or twice but then I died). I don´t think I ever saw level 2 until recently.

Yes, I don’t remember how far but I’m 100% sure I passed the slime sample level.

While I could never understand the GB1 game. I never got to the “Zuul building”, I just ran around busting ghosts and it didn’t make me feel good and then BAM, it’s marshmallow man, I go bankrupt.

That was exactly my GB1 experience. I´m not even sure if I had seen the movie at that point or only The Real Ghostbusters. But yeah “zuul building” doesn´t make any sense since Zuul and Vince Clortho are just the two dogs of Gozer.

Well, I got to know that there were other stages only by watching the AVGN special. I really couldn’t believe it. I thought the game was all like that, just gather as much money as you can to survive the inevitable arrival of the marshmallow man.

Given how damn hard the rest looks and how disappointing the ending is, it was probably better this way.

And, by the way:

I think this applies also to the people who programmed the game :laughing:

While it is very rare to have footage of people from that time talk about their games at the time of release, we happen to have this little treasure:


IMHO most of the other reviews were even worse.
e.g. “Wah wah they have destroyed my childhood blah” and of course a lot of sexist stuff including blaming the movie for being sooo sexist (cry me a river).

The movie has so many problems, almost none of them have to do with sexism.

As always Red Letter Media put it best:

“Remember Scarface? Stop dancing!”

When searching the IMDB links for the first ones I’ve also taken a look at the reboot (yes, what a lovely imaginative title it has! [NOT]).

I’ve skimmed the written reviews and they were mostly one of those 3 categories mentioned before plus those generally saying it sucks (acting, directing etc.).

Most of them were 1 star reviews. Considering the score on IMDB which is nearly at 50% there is apparently a lot of hate.
And those reviews I have seen were mostly just stupid.

My impression now is that I would probably like this movie.

Is the review spoiler free (unless it doesn’t really matter for this kind of movie)?

No, it is very in-depht. Spoiler for comedies depend really on if you could tell if you had found it funny. I saw the movie before the review and could see lot of my personal feelings about it in it. Many of the negative reviews are indeed stupid and misguided but that review has none of this and is very neutral about the “political aspects” of the whole thing (which were very stupid to begin with).

The best way to tell if you´d like this movie or not is how much you like current SNL, Melissa McCarthy movies and especially the other stuff the director has done.

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Also while I have absolutly nothing to binge at the moment, this whole Ghostbusters talk has me seriously considering to watch all of The Real Ghostbusters as long as it is on Netflix. :thinking:

  • Yes. watch The Real Ghostbusters, all of it!
  • Just the early good episodes
  • Watch something else

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I’ve seen some of the episodes, not only the early ones. So I can’t vote - or should I just vote “just the early good episodes”?

I think decline in quality of the later episodes has to do with the fact that they gave Slimer are much bigger role to make it more of a show for really little kids and the fact that they replaced the voice actor for Pete Venkman. Which wouldn´t make a difference would I watch the german versions. And I haven´t made up my mind about that either. Sure the german voices sound closer to the voices of the actors of the movie, but watching the german dub would mean more nostalgia for me.