Bitchin' birthday thread

I thought I’d start a thread for birthday wishes. Look out for the :birthday: next to usernames.

Happy (early-depending-on-time-zone) birthday @besmaller! :fireworks::tada::balloon:

Virtual bumps! *THUMP* (I needed a second person for that)

Everyone look out for March when we can annoy @milanfahrnholz


Have @besmaller and @nfalstein ever been seen in the same room together? :thinking:

Uhm, why are you supposing that?

Just look at them!

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Happy birthday @Nor_Treblig and @BigRedButton! :birthday: :balloon:

As @ZakPhoenixMcKracken says, rather suspicious.

Dammit! Glad I didn’t bump anyone.

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The *BEEPING* *BEEPERS* on *BEEPING* Discourse don’t need my *BEEPING* date of birth! :ransome:

Guess you better look forward to more inaccurate birthday wishes next January then :wink:

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I actually recently changed the date to my actual one to prevent just that.


We do.

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Oh, you send me a real cake if I tell Discourse my real birthday? :wink:


Italian wikipedia Ron Gilbert’s page says he was born on January 1st.
I can’t say whether it’s reliable or not.

Has his Discourse profile a cake symbol? Discobot can’t lie!

No, Ron probably ate it, for his birthday.

However, he claimed a few times that several informations on Wikipedia were wrong, including his date of birth. AFAIR, he even claimed that the day AND the month AND the year were wrong. But, who knows… Maybe the date is correct, but he doesn’t want the public to know. However, he always rejected to tell his age during interviews or on blogs. :slight_smile:

Read my Twitter exchange with David Fox and Ron’s blog for more info on that. Spoiler: it’s not true

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It’s because he always enters January 1 1901 when asked to register somewhere with his birthday.

Anyway I am not him. :wink:

But maybe @Nor_Treblig :birthday: is, seeing his name…

Maybe I’ll correct my profile setting.

From Wikipedia (italian):

  • name: Ron Gilbert
  • date of birth: 01/01/1964
  • place of birth: La Grande

Ron just confirmed, via his blog, that he was not born on 01/01.
Maybe the other infos are correct :blush:

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Maybe Wikipedia is right. I mean, if every Wikipedia version says that Ron was born on 01/01/1964 then it must be true!