Bitchin' birthday thread

Also Ron wrote in a comment that he spent his early youth in La Grande, so the place of birth is credible.

Among scientists, it is usual to refer to sources that have been cited often enough by other scientists. Though, this fact holds the risk that an entire science does never question a false finding - with fatal consequences. For example, it took decades until scientists found out that entire generations of scientists had wrongly assumed that spinach was rich of iron. Seeing how many people who were suffering an iron deficiency pinned their hopes on spinach, this mistake is a tragedy!

On Wikipedia, most authors aren’t even scientists. Well, I admit that Ron’s date of birth is not important for patient treatments, but I mean to say that all these different language versions on Wikipedia could just cite the same (potentially wrong) source.


Just for the records: My statement above was meant to be sarcastic. :wink: Most people think that something is true if it is just mentioned or posted often enough. In a lot of cases it only needs to be posted once - just have a look at the Twitter follower of some politicians …

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Okay, I’m glad to read this. :slight_smile:

That’s true. Sadly, telling lies even seems to be very common among the most influential politicians in the world.

I like this piece of an austrian comedian.

“What is the definition of corruption? It has been uncovered. Everything else is just political day to day business.”


My “actual” birthday is on 10th of October 1091. :slight_smile:

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Share ye´s potion´s receipe with us mere mortals, oh all-wise alchemist!

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He might be 926 but we don’t know what state he’s in. He might be a head in a box for all we know. Or completely in liquid form.

Oh, hai @Nor_Treblig!

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Happy Annoy Milan Day Birthday, Milan :smile: :tada:



I join the celebrations: Happy Birthday Milan! :birthday: :beers::tada:

/edit: Let’s hope his birthday date is correct…


Ohhh, you guys! That´s so nice from all of you! :smile:

I must really say that I´m glad to know you all and I can honestly say we´ve grown close enough in this almost a year that we´ve become something almost like friends (but no, you can´t crash on my couch!).

And while I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

:birthday: :tada:


beep. We are all standing at Munich airport just right now!


Too bad that one still hasn´t grown closer to the cities, due to the transrapid!*

*Crap, my jokes are more dated than I am!

I don’t see why Milan has a problem. This is the size of the couch, right?


oh look, a stepladder


Apart from us crashing on your giant couch, do you have any plans for today?

Not really, no. Serious parties only take place every few years if at all these days.

Erhm… serious parties?

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