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I think we should have a Birthday Bot


It will say happy birthday to anyone who’s B’Day is today and will remind other members.


Everyone who submitted his birthday will have a cake next to his name on his birthday. Wait for yours and you will see.


No one noticed on mine :sob:


I´m sorry, when was that? I´ve been off for a couple of days in june an august.

Hold on a sec, why do I feel responsible, anyway? :confused:


Nice try - it was in September :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m only kidding :wink:


Sheesh, isn´t enough that I know your maiden name?! :upside_down_face:


Maiden name or first name?


I mean your phone book entry vs. what you currently use.


Ohhhh, haha, I totally forgot about that. I was about to compare you to


Except I have two keen eyes!

Sorry, that was in poor taste.:neutral_face:




I noticed the cakes appearing near the name of some of the most active users of this forum and my only reaction was to expect them to offer a slice of cake to me. Also: PiecesOfKake.


You sir, win the internet! For like five minutes…


I didn’t knew that you can win the internet! What’s the highscore?


Heheheh. I actually mishear ‘cake’ as ‘Kate’ quite a bit. Makes life quite confusing.


Jon Stewart: Do you sometimes pretend people call Bruuuuuuce when they´re actually booing?
Bruce Springsteen: Unfortunatly I´m able to tell the difference.

Also I don´t think I will ever be able to not hear Michael Caine as “My Cocaine” again…

The perk is having free roam on the Trump-Shkreli scale.


So much this.


Hah, seems he´s got a lot of them! Do you know the one in Mr Blue Sky?


I always wondered what he said in that!

Not that it’s much clearer now.


Well obviously it´s “Grus” (plural)