The "It's cake day" thread!

Let’s create a thread to celebrate our “cake day”!

Today, it’s cake day for me and for some other users! :partying_face:


That means that I’ve joined this forum on May 5th.

Since for me it was May 5th 2017 (about when the forum opened to the public), I was wondering: how many other current active users have joined the forum when it was created?


Happy cakeday @ZakPhoenixMcKracken & @discobot

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Oh no… there’s that bot again

Happy cake day, @Festarossa, @tlammert, @BigRedButton & @seguso


Thanks! What makes you think I like cakes though? The only dessert I eat is handmade mashed rice mochi with caramel.

Here you go:


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I registered one day later, my cake day is tomorrow. :wink:



If dessert is black forest cherry cake then I’ll pass, too.

Otherwise I’m in the same boat: one day late to the party (I’m actually surprised it’s only one day).

Thank you very much :smiley:
already five years, wow

I actually love cake :partying_face:

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Me too!

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It seems it’s cake day for me now.

I wonder why I joined the forum this late :stuck_out_tongue: maybe I was busy at work.


Same here! :smile: Could be the different time zone?

Switzerland is on another planet! :laughing:

Happy cake day to you, guys! :partying_face:


Happy 5th cakeday @kaiman @Guga @Someone @LogicDeLuxe @schala @ricardo
(and myself)

Also belated happy cakeday to a bunch of first-dayers who are still around here 5 years later
@ephialtes @DanielWolf @kuma @patrik3dspacek


Today the slice of cake goes, among others, to @Gffp and @Matt . It has been 5 years for them as well! :cake:

Matt would also be entitled to receive a bag of Skittles, but I’m sure he’ll have enough of them later this year.


Thank you!

And a happy cake day to you and to all the other cake day people as well!

By the way, I just ate some cake. :yum:

Wow, five years already… And approximately 5 years since TWP was released.
How time goes by. In my opinion, it’s time for Ron to release his next game very soon. :wink:


Not before 25 years from now.

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Thanks! I can’t believe I joined the forum so early. I dont think i realized it was a new forum when I joined, i just kind of finished the game and found the forum.