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Bitchin' birthday thread


That works too! :yum:


OMC it’s a thing.


Ooh, free pizza, curry and cake! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah. Congrats!




So what about booze.

Oh, @PiecesOfKate was faster this time! :joy:


You and me are like :smile: :arrows_counterclockwise: :smile:


Couldn´t have put it into better pictogram myself. :grin: :+1:


Hipperdepip hoera for @PiecesOfKate!


That is … :star_struck:


My brother made this present for my birthday… he knows how to make me happy! :grin::grin:

Seven Seconds Of Wonder

Be interested to know how you think it plays. I heard bad things about the controls. But at least Chips Challenge is on it. Wonderful puzzle game! :relaxed:


Pe’ cient’ anne!

For a hundred years (May we celebrate your birthday)!


The first “game” I’ve chosen from the menu is this one: the BASIC :joy:


I’ve played California games and impossible mission. The joystick is really uncomfortable, with the fire buttons placed on the base instead of on top of the lever. Plus, there are no micro-switches. It’s a special joystick, it has four little buttons to call a built-in menu (to save/ load games or display a virtual keyboard).


Well that is what the Competition Pro was like, which I guess was the most iconic one so they used that.


We mostly used the Quickshot Pro Turbo though, less flexibable but way better grip.

I played Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken with this thing! :point_up:


Exactly, I had that one, too!


What’s great about this one is that there is support (like firmware upgrades) and you can actually get other games on it (unlike all those other mini-console cash grabs :money_with_wings:).

I’m expecting to see a screenshot of a particular game soon!

Here you find a description of what flags to use in filenames (e.g. some games need the joystick in port 1), or the syntax of CJM files (you can map specific keys to joystick buttons for instance):

C64 mini discussion

Don´t say anything, I know just what you´re talking about.



I’ve downloaded a game pack called “Ransoms pack” with a bunch of games, including Zak, MM and… this one :grin:


I haven’t played any Ghostbusters game but I have heard from a lot of different versions via AVGN.
And this looks like very like the dreadful NES version! How is it?