Can’t find the name in phone book!

Like the old days before memes and digital illustration? Well we did want to go back to the 90s :grinning:

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? Are you guys playing a different game to me? Escape the sewer. You just walk in, walk out? Is this a secret I missed?

Try exploring the alleyway by the diner in Part Two.

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No, just there is a part which can be “triggered” only if you walk in a certain area during a certain part.

… in a certain place.

Ah yeah! OK. Well first time I played the lady detective got hit there so I just started a new game and just avoided getting hit. I did wander about a bit but I thought well she had some of the stuff I needed. I’ll replay with the express intention of getting hit!


I should note I’ve done this bit now though as it has no concequences it felt a bit pointless really I was better off skipping it. Though the sheriff did come get me so that coalesces my theory that he’s looking out for you. I think I know who the killer is now as well…

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Everything that happens in the game should happen. :slight_smile:

It’s 911, you moron! :roll_eyes:
The problem is, my phone keypad goes only from 0 to 9… stupid chinese cheap stuff.


I just realized I posted a stupid funny comment to a veeeeeery old post. I was going to delete it, but someone (and I mean @Someone) immediately liked it.

Someone™, the fastest liker of the West


Less than one minute, again. You never disappoint me, mate.

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Wow!!! 20 seconds!!!

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7 seconds!
Can you do better?

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3 secs.
I’m impressed.

I found it funny that you wrote in another thread that we should read the old threads and -whoop- you wrote an answer in a very old thread… :wink:

Woohoo. Not bad for an old man like me. :wink:

A fair bit of it is optional though… And that bit had no knock-ons I was better off avoiding it.

It was unintentional. After posting that message about new threads duplicating old threads, I realized that if in this forum the new users looked up the old threads before posting, well, the old users would also stay in-topic.
So nevermind. The new guy is a netiquette anarchist. He’s definitely one of us… :slightly_smiling_face:

An old man with a gun will live more than an unarmed young healthy kid.

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Hhm… which one of the two parts did you like?

I should have separated the two paragraphs in two distinct posts.
You know, some wives communicate only with monosyllables, and some… ones communicate only with likes


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Both - I liked the whole post… :slight_smile:

Yes, sometimes my feminine side takes over … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Aren’t you gonna ask me if I think you put on some weight, aren’t you???