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I cant find the name on the Phonebook

Help!!! i am stuck for hours.
I think i need to seek the name in the wall in the phonebook but i cant find it.

It says Aurora Keane?

Screenshot from 2020-04-25 22-21-40|690x389 !
Screenshot from 2020-04-25 22-21-51|690x388

Yes, that is the correct name!

Note that the phone book is sorted exactly by this displayed name (i.e. not last names first!).
So you have to look under ‘A’ and also note that there are multiple pages with names starting with ‘A’:
phone book - paging

I am sooooooo stup**

I never think in searching the gray names… only the black ones…



Don’t worry, it happens.

The grey ones were backers which didn’t record custom voice messages back then. For this puzzle all numbers are used though.

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