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Can’t find the name in phone book!


No. But how do you like my hair?


Mhmmmm I don’t know. But I think you should wear cleavage-enhancing tops.


OMG, I just realized I’ve had exactly this very conversation with my wife. This is the deja vu day.


No, at least I haven’t played it today.


Yeah baby, do it, DO IT! HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON, yeaaaaahhh!!!

Sorry got a little carried away there.


on my wall Johanna Mandarini… I can’t find any Johanna or Mandarini in the phone book =(


Hi, that name is showing in my phone book:

You may want to check again on your version and make sure you’re on the right page.


thank U so much!!
the phone number came up.
In my phone book I looked every pages what was