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Cannot read name


Nah, I didn’t. But I think I got a weird name in 3 parts that turned out to be sorted on the second one or something.


This sounds unlikely. Do you have any savegame from this playthrough?


Not very likely, as it was quite early on in the game. It might have also been linked with the first released build of the game (which I still have). I could try to recreate the conditions… when is this name randomised?


Yes they are randomised and your odds are quite bad because there are thousands of us!

But just give me any savegame from this playthrough, it doesn’t matter if the abduction is already over.


That sounds like you know how to retrieve the variable…

Ohhh, this explains a lot...


Thanks to @Nor_Treblig to help me recover the name. Or names. Two first names, actually.

What happened is that I completely overthought things, knowing the phonebook is sorted by first name but the developers might have displayed the name on the wall as last name, first name. Or first name, another first name in this case.
There’s quite a few Silvios/Silvias who backed the game as well, so I had to look for a few minutes before it dawned upon me.


it’s an Italian name. Last, first.