Characters & Their Names

They have used “Chuck” in several other games. :slight_smile: In MM there is Chuck the plant (that has a cameo in TWP AFAIR).

Two things…

  1. When I decided on Guybrush, it wasn’t because there was nothing better… it was because it was perfect. It was an accident that Steve Purcell name the files Guybrush.lbm, but it just fit. Not a day goes by that I ever regretted it.

  2. Ray and Reyes have simalar sounding names because in a very very early incarnation of the story, that mattered. That element of the story was dropped, but the names stuck.


P.S. Sorry that the truth is boring.


I don’t think that this is true here. :wink:


That´s what Robert Mueller said. :golfing_man:

Yeah, I remember that from MM. I think it just makes me think of LeChuck more because he’s a similar character (and not a plant). I guess I’m thinking more of the concept than the name.

On a separate note, I’ve just realised something. Isn’t the man-eating Chuck plant in TWP based more on the one you climb in MM, than the actual Chuck the Plant in the library? :thinking: That’s odd.

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They are different plants. Chuck the plant is in the TWP library (AFAIR).

No it´s not because neither of those are named Chuck. The only Chucks in TwP and Maniac Mansion can be found between bookshelves in mansion libaries. :slight_smile:

The carnivorous plants don´t have names. But let´s call them Audrey II for reference…

This time you were faster. :handshake:

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Easy there fella, keep yer pants on!

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Ohhh I see. I’d forgotten that. Makes sense now!

I need to get my Chucks in a row :drum:
(that probably doesn’t make sense outside of the UK)

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You mean the sport shoes of that name? We have those, too here!

And we have a thread!

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(I stretched the meaning slightly)


I think I´m gonna make that “Bob Hope swinging a golf club” thingy my new :drum:

Isn’t Chuck the plant also present in Indy3? In his father’s house?


Yup. It even appears in non Lucasfilm Games like Lone Survivor.


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@milanfahrnholz was faster. Again.

Chuck was a running gag.

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Yeah I spotted the AR AR too! :smiley:

I think you make a brilliant point there POK.

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