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Then he has to be fast - the “Transitzentren”(*) are coming …

(*) Do they have an official English word for them?


Noooooooooo! :sob:
(I would say that’ll never happen, but I said that the first time) :sob:

And now on to greener pastures, isn’t Franklin a nice name? Surely it was not a reference to the :football: manufacturer of the same name.


Yeah, let´s leave the humanising of sports ball manufacturers to Tom Hanks, right?


Not according to Google… Did you mean Transit centre?


Which is the way you would write it in british english, yes.

But don´t worry. Since I am assuming that you are white (based on your singing voice) you are safe!

But seriously in europe the current situation is the same as in the states at the moment that everybody´s discussing how to just legally reject people at the borders.

WARNING: dangerous topic (politics!)

You know watching the news about immigration makes me sometimes think, wow we need another planet, this one’s full. But in reality I think there are a lot of nice places left, it’s just that everyone fights to live in the same populated pieces of dirt.

WARNING: dangerous topic (politics!)

Yeah…in reality, all people are saying is “Hey countries who helped to bomb our homes into the shitholes they are now. Would you maybe help us to stay somewhere more peaceful?” But you know, that again would require admitting mistakes…

WARNING: dangerous topic (politics!)

Does this make anyone else think of Ka’ie Rogers Cockney Rhyming Slang from the Thimbleweed phonebook? :smile:




Who’s that imposter?


Sounds to me like that same person that had an X-Files poem printed in a magazine at age 14. So I guess that was in prehistoric times? :man_shrugging:


Yes. All that etching on stone must’ve made her really averse to typos.


You could have blamed the editor of that magazine you know…

And now I have to check what typo you are refering to… :grin:


Although I agree with your other comments, this above is complete bollocks. (not having a go, but it isn’t remotely true) Soccer came about from Association Football somehow in the press in the 1800s.

You see when Football was played about with by the toffy rich people (If you’re American think WASPS but the originators of that look down your nose attitude) at Rugby they thought that Football was too low-brow and working class to play at an elite school, so they ‘Poshed it up’ and made it Rugby. Somewhere along the line Rugby Football became Football in America and Aussie Rules Football in Australia and also there is an even more strange game knocking about called Gaelic Football played exclusively in Ireland which is nothing close to either (US) Football or (English, gift to the world) Football.

  • England actually invented Baseball as well


I wasn’t referring to one. Although ironically I just made one in that sentence. What is wrong with me today?!

And another one! :scream:



:abcd: :open_book: :man_cartwheeling:


I never said that?
It seems you removed the wrong quoting brackets.

it should have been


apologies. I’m new here


Happens to the best of us…whoever those would be.


no problemo!

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