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@ZakPhoenixMcKracken, we have a new case for you. It’s called…
Turnabout Toasters :grin:


Telephone. Also known as a Dog. As in Dog & Bone/Phone.


Not to be confused with bog. On the bog/on the toilet.


Why the heck do you call it John, too?


Yup! We have a million and 1 slang terms mostly for sexy stuff. But for everything else as well.

In the US they have jerkoff. But jerkoff isn’t as powerful as wanker.


we don’t! That’s the yanks.


Mmhh, right. You don´t hear that too often anyway. :man_shrugging:


I DO love our American cousins but they DO have a tendency to screw with the English language. It seems it is important to specify things very clearly:

Sidewalk (walk on the side), We have Pavement
Seeing Eye Dog(Ouch, to me sounds offensive) We have Guide Dogs (for the blind).
Foot Race (Race)
Eyeglasses (Glasses)
So they sort of specify the obvious some times. If I went I can’t find my glasses I thought it would be bloody obvious I didn’t mean panes of glass or drinking glasses


No, we have Pavement

Agreed. The most annoying one to me is Football, the sport where you use your hands, vs. Soccer, the sport the rest of the world calls football.


Football invented in England and rules formulated- Later at Rugby College- they modified it, invented Rugby Football- Evolved into American Football.
World Cup is on now, USA Canada & Mexico have just been awarded WC 2026 and finally the Americans were calling the game Football which is what every other country in the entire world does, but America wants to be different.


Because… calling it phone would be too obvious?
I spent 2 hours on the dog last night with my mom talking about her dog?

I thought that was another word for marsh, swamp.
As in the bog of Eternal Stench

As in
I spent 2 hours walking the dog around the bog last night…



Except if you’re this guy on the right…

also staying in theme with the Bog of Eternal Stench and Lucasfilm games


Isn’t it officially called American football? Or only by the Brits? (Though it would be a nice confirmation of the stating of the obvious as Vince said if you do call it that in the US)

The US call that sport soccer because they sock at it :wink:


Each time I see this scene I ask myself how often the actor missed one stone during the rehearsals and got with the whole costume in the swamp…


I don´t think so. It is the NFL not the NAFL.


Nope. But I would vote in favor of renaming our Football to Super Smashball or Runball or something so we can realign with the rest of the world and call soccer football.
But that would be admitting we made a mistake! Which America does not like to do. Apparently it was originally named that to differentiate from sports played on horseback which were more popular at the time.


Except if Obama did it. Tell Trump Obama came up with the word and he will rename it faster than his associates leave the WH.


I admit it! I made a mistake! I fixed it but you responded at lightning speed.


Since I´d do the same for Kate I see no reason why I wouldn´t do it for you, so I did it.

Say, you maybe wanna come to europe in case of a second term in 2020?


Yes, he types faster than everybody else. :slight_smile: He is the human answering machine. No. Wait. Wrong comparison.

/edit: See, he was again faster than me!