COMI soundtrack in CD quality

Well it took more than 20 years, but here it is:

Now, if only someone could get ScummVM to use these files…


Huh, COMI came on two CD-ROMs as I recall. There was no space on that for Redbook audio?

Could we get GOG to include this in the COMI download by default or something?

Some of these tracks were published in 2002 in CD audio quality on the CD “The Best of LucasArts Original Soundtracks”:

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Btw, I’m trying to come up with a non-snarky way of pointing out that if bandwidth costs are an issue…

We have plenty of music and other things coming up, and are humbly asking you to help us finance our server costs.

They might want to consider posting the tracklist so I don’t have to download 200+MB just for that.

That’s not exactly true. They used 22.05 KHz audio for COMI - half the sampling frequency of CD quality. For the voice, sfx, and music. In total the music resource files are 350 MB. They could have used MP3 sampled at 44.1 KHz and a bitrate of 320 Kbps and the size would have been about the same. For some reason they went with MP2 audio compression (I think?) The actual format is iMUSE of course.

Anyway, there must be a way to recompile MUSDISK1.BUN and MUSDISK2.BUN with CD quality audio…

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