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Monkey Island 1 or 2 Old "Talkie Edition"?

I need something cleared up for me because it has long confused me.

Ok, so I am aware of Monkey Island 1+2 “Ultimate Talkie Editions” which are fan-made mod versions of the classic games using the special editions voice acting.

Now I also have heard of the possibility that another or other “Talkie” editions exist or existed… maybe… possibly… in the past.

Today I read a post from someone claiming to have been at 1991’s London European Computer Trade Show, where they said to have seen Lucas Arts showing off a talkie version I presume a CD-ROM demo version of Monkey Island, showing off the “talkie” technology, which Lucas Arts would begin to adapt… Which would mean it pre-dated DOTT, S&M and Fate of Atlantis… Is this true?

Was there a voice acted version of Monkey Island 1 and maybe 2 planned for release?

Does this demo exist?

Who were the voice actors if anyone?

Is there anyway of getting our hands on it now?

Or is this all cooked up hogwash, that came from the newer mods of MI 1 + 2?

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No idea. I didn’t work on MI, and was long gone from LucasArts by then.

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Thanks for replying David, I didn’t realise you were gone before MI released.

I actually got a reply from Noah Falstein on Facebook whom said:

“I do recall Ron did auditions among the LucasArts dev team for a talkie prototype of MI, I was both flattered and a little offended that he thought I’d make a good Guybrush voice. But I don’t think he ever went ahead with it. We were doing some games for the FM Townes computer in those days and it possibly was a demo/test for a talkie version on that?“


Actually, there was another talkie version in progress by fans! those guys were looking for VO people for years to do that, before SE came out.

Since SE was out they stopped, but they already had a lot of work done and released.

Mixnmojo got a hand on the Monkey 2 Talkie prototype. It is more like a proof of concept and was the beginning of monster.sou support in SCUMM games.


WOW! Thanks for posting that here

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