Curse of Monkey Island got Language Packs on GOG

Hey I was just looking today on GOG to see if they listened to the community and added the other Language versions of the game… and by the looks of it they have, at least the subtitled versions anyway. My internet is quite slow, so I can’t check it out, but can anyone go on and try download the german version to see if they are the fully voice acted versions?


Yes, I noticed that, too, yesterday. It’s nice to see that CoMI is accessible for so many people again! Even though it’s not canonical, it’s a very enjoyable classic.


Yes, everything is German. Voice, text, and manual! It is really great too!

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Awesome great to hear! I am so glad for everyone!!

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Well… for anyone speaking one of those 5 languages


I consider it canonical. Until the unlikely day that Ron makes an alternative anyway. The film has aged well, and stands as a great sequel all things considered. Sure, Guybrush and Elaine shouldn’t have ended up hitched, but besides that the film is an absolute classic - great characters, game play, artwork, animation, voice acting, story, and music.


I like to consider it a canonical, alternative reality where Guybrush successfully escaped the cursed pirate carnival at the end of MI2, and then it was a happier silly future.

Ron’s ending “could” have continued on from the “bad ending” where Guybrush never escaped… maybe you could have played as Elaine, in search for a way to save Guybrush.

This is true :joy:

I think you’re looking at the ending of MI2 wrong. It wasn’t a cursed carnival ending, it was literally Guybrush going home with his parents. Clues were placed throughout starting in MI1. For example the vending machines, the voodoo lady, rubber trees, a ghost pirate ship, and cannibals on an otherwise uninhabited island. In that sense CMI took the next natural step in making them vegetarian cannibals. The secret of Monkey Island is that it is a carnival where Guybrush got himself lost in the experience.

I was never dissatisfied with the ending of MI2. The most dissatisfying thing for me about CMI, besides Guybrush and Elaine getting hitched, was that it completely disregarded the first two games and their logical conclusion. It should have started entirely differently - not in a carnival at all. Imagine Guybrush somewhere else where he gets lost playing pirates and then start the game there instead. That I guarantee you, even though Ron has never said and probably won’t entertain this comment, is exactly what Ron would do with the next instalment if he gets the rights. It’s certainly where the story should go anyway.

Well the beauty of the MI2 ending, (which btw I am a huge fan of) is that it leaves it open to interpretation, and that interpretation you said, is as valid as mine, I agree that it could be taken as “all in the mind of an imaginative young man.” But I don’t think it can be taken as definitive. It’s one I personally was not a fan of because it’s a little bit of a cop out… a “it was all a dream” scenario.

Like you could on the flip side argue that the evil “magic red voodoo” eyes that LeChuck breaks the 4th wall with at the end, plus the comments Guybrush makes in regards to asking who all those people were when he comes out of the tunnel, and that it cuts back to Elaine wondering what mess Guybrush got himself into now… all point towards it being a curse LeChuck put on Guybrush as well…

It truly is an inspired ending that still brings such great discussion nearly 30 years after its release! It is a masterclass in playing with audience expectation!

Spoilers spoilers spoilers !

Since there are some people on this forum that still have to play MI2, please try to blur them.

It’s like you can only once get to experience the shock to find out that Darth Vader is the father Luke’s twin sister

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:open_mouth: Until now I thought it was his brother-in-law!


That’s not true! That’s impOssible!

Done and Done! =D

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I really would like to know why I write know when I mean now and vice versa. I know that know or now is wrong in that particular case, but my brain forces me to writes the wrong version. Especially if it’s late at night. But what do I know. Damn psychology …