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Cool things in old Lucasfilm Games adventures that you only discovered years later


And also the guy…putting on his shoes I think?

Yeah well, but there´s the windows and it pretty much looks like bright daylight out there (and in context of the game of course it is).


Yes, the trainer complaints. The other guy doesn’t mind.


As it turns out the trainer complains first, then probably the guy on the bench and eventually Indy turns the lights on again.

Also let us assume those windows are painted in solid blue so no one can peep on those who train there :slight_smile:


I think this stuff was hinted in the Grail Diary, i.e. part of the copy protection :slight_smile:


Yes. :slight_smile: We had the diary (and I have it still here in my cabinet). So we knew that there are hints, but we didn’t find them. I can’t remember why. :slight_smile: Maybe we were just dumb kids… :wink:


I had actually problems reading the font…


I was about to say that, I always thought Sean Connerys (don´t you DARE ruin my childhood illusions!) handwriting was rather difficult to deceipher.


In Monkey Island 2 you can give a fishing book from Phatt Library to the fisherman. He says “Thanks” but nothing significant happens.

They even updated the art and recorded dialogue for it in the Special Edition.


Maybe just a big concidence but…

In Maniac Mansion Weird Ed is obsessing over his hamster

Here is Weird Al obsessing over his hamster


Yes, you’re right. I forgot that


Aside from Purple Tentacle, is there any othre cameo there?


That used to be a Max cameo

The rest looks like generic tikis to me.


A Sam and Max cameo! Sweet!!!


Oh wow, this ones stands out quite bad. Good thing there is classic mode!


The second one after Last Crusade

All before they got their own game[quote=“Nor_Treblig, post:74, topic:42”]
Oh wow, this ones stands out quite bad. Good thing there is classic mode!

It´s not as quite as on the nose in classic mode, is it? Also Ron wouldn´t approve the tentacle with arms.


Gotta be honest that’s what I miss from LA, all the cameo fun. TTG had some going on but still


His office is cameo heaven!


The “Millenium Falcon” is nothing short of genius, but also convoluted enough for me to never have gotten that on my own.


There were also references to Zak in Indy’s office…


Oh, yes. The crystal!