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Cool things in old Lucasfilm Games adventures that you only discovered years later


Or a piece (an arm!!) that got chipped off when it passed the first time through earth’s atmosphere at a non-colliding angle.


Which brings me to another thing. In the Maniac Mansion hint poster it is hinted at that the two tentacles belonged to the college octopus (which appearently had multicoloured tentacles?)

"The Biology Department’s Pet Octopus is missing two tentacles. Whoever is responsible for this sick prank is advised to turn himself in. It will go easier for you if you confess!

Or they were both originally green and the purple one (who is obedient to the meteor) got somehow turned purple by the slimey purple meteor. Uggh, really not sure if I want to think more about that!


In MI2, years later I discovered that you can push Kate Capsize and she will say some special lines. It did never occurred to me when I was a child.


Try picking her up! Also never occured to me as a kid

Hints for LucasArts games
Hints for LucasArts games

Oops, I think that “pick up” was what I was thinking : p


The descriptions of the grail are a huge part of the end of the game. They’re all conflicting, so you have to know which one is real. That’s what allows you to pick the right one at the end of the game :slight_smile:


And you´d have to memorize them well otherwise it would more often than not lead to this.


Well, this is painful for me to say, but, back then as kids we just tried all available “grails” one after another. And yes, we played the end a lot of times. :wink:


Well today in scummvm that seems manageable, but wasn´t that quite a PITA on the original considering there is like (I think) eight of them or something and everytime you die you also have to do the three trails all over again?


Yes. :slight_smile:

Two of them are easy to solve because you just have to click on the right spot. :slight_smile: A PITA was the JEHOVA puzzle: The tiles on the floor are changing each time. So you have to search a new way through them. But all three trials aren’t that difficult so solve, if you know the solution. It just took you a lot of time to “run” through the trails (again). Fortunately there aren’t so much “grails” to try. :slight_smile: And in most cases you find the right grail after a few tries. :slight_smile:


Yeah, but as a kid I was so scared by the animation (and mostly PC Speaker sound) when you failed, so it was painful to try every time :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty cool. If anyone want to see it:


So it happened again today.

I spent 3 hours of my sunday afternoon playing through Monkey Island 1 again.

Only a while ago I had a talk with @LowLevel about how you never find out the name of this guy:

So while it is true that LeChuck never adresses him by name I just found out how I could miss his name all those years.

I always killed him. I thought I had to in order to end the dialogue. Turns out if you don´t, the crew appears while he is still there and Otis recognizes him, adresses him by name and they chat away for a bit, which you can listen to when you don´t select a dialogue option.

All this because I decided to say “I think I´ll just have to give up” instead of “Taste rootbeer you ghost!” for once, just for the heck of it!

His name is Bob, by the way.


Oh, now I remember where you discover the name of this character!

But I think that the first time I played the game I triggered the other ending of the chapter, in which it’s not the crew but Herman to show up. But he recognizes Bob as well.


Really? How is that possible? BTW I managed this time to hit the banana tree without sinking the ship first. If that happens it´s possible they might not show up at all (or at least acknowledge the sinking of the ship).

Wasn´t there a cutscence as well where it was revealed that Herman had a ship he could have left the island with the whole time?


If you sink the ship, then at the end of the chapter it’s Herman who gives you a lift to Melee Island. And that’s when he reveals it to you that he always had a ship.


Wow, so there is several prerequistes to find out about Bob´s and the crew´s backstory? How does Herman react to Bob if you keep him alive?

I usually hit he banana tree through trial and error, sinking the ship first. But if the plank directly faces you as a viewer you hit the tree instantly leaving the ship be.

If the crew is alive you can have a short argument with Carla as well (“how did you come here without the head?”). And they don´t appear in the Cannibals Hut in the credits.


They know each other and they interact a bit, but I don’t remember the dialogue.


Jokes and stuff I noticed when replaying MI2:

  • “They don´t call me Bone Master for nothing!”
  • The randomness of the outhouse behind the big old tree.
  • Some sound effects I´ve definitly heard in other games.
  • You only get to ask LeChuck a few questions at a time but have lots of options when you´re hanging in his execution device, so there might be a bunch of jokes you can miss on several playthroughs.
  • A few songs Guybrush sings on helium. Though I clearly remember the Beegees among them, no matter how often I tried Stayin Alive did not come up. Maybe it was removed in the SE?
  • You can miss a bunch of stuff too, like I completly missed visting Wally´s jailcell in LeChuck´s fortress, because I forgot where it was.
  • The two pirates bored by Guybrush´s stories being called Bart and Fink (spoken Bart´n´Fink as in Barton Fink the then current Coen Brothers film).
  • The word monkey wrench is at no point used in the game.


Those lines were changed in the SE indeed. I wouldn’t be surprised, if they didn’t even bother to ask for permission. Same thing for several comments when looking into mirrors.

Also, they changed a few other lines. One of them to get rid of a smoking reference, some of them to get rid of trademark names, and some for no obvious reason.