Cool video: Michael Land and Clint Bajakian about iMUSE and LucasArts

The question wasn’t mainly a way to highlight his mistake, it was more a curiosity to know if there was a new character in Woodtick.

The possible connection between a barber and “something from the head” was too interesting to ignore.

Yes didn´t you actually give him a break by assuming he might be right?

Anyways, I also just thought it was fun to go from there because having a barber in woodtick you have to get some hair from for the vooodoo doll puzzle, seemed to make a lot of sense. But people always have to assume the worst. :frowning:

Although it has a pier I think it looks more like a regular ship wreck. But who knows :slight_smile:

Btw., the whole scene with all those wrecks reminds me of Stan’s Previously Owned Vessels :smiley:

Was there a barber character in Woodtick that was eventually removed in the final version of “LeChuck’s Revenge”?

And more importantly, who cut the hair of that barber?

And where did Ron Gilbert get stuck on, when playing his own game?

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There is some place where you have to use a monkey in an quite unconventional way. I think that’s where he was stuck.

It was with Kate Capsize.

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@seguso’s favourite puzzle!

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It can be argued that the Vodoo Lady in M1 is only a pumped-up hint system, so actually you are the only one who finished it properly. So you are absolved of your sins.


She basically says “SPOILERS!!! Big monkeyhead! Booohoooo!!!” and that´s about it I think…

I feel a lot less guilty, now.

I’d have said on the monkey wrench puzzle…:wink:

Plot twist: It also was a pirated copy! :scream:

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I wonder if any of you guys would be able to play Maniac Mansion from start to end, without looking on the Internet, and without using Bernard and Michael.

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Oh yeah, I love playing with Wendy and Syd!

I wonder if there is somebody in this forum who can’t do this!

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@LowLevel hasn´t played MM.

Yeah, I didn’t really wonder. But it should be mandatory to be able to do this!
Maybe like the seckrit questions on the blog there should be like a Maniac Mansion quiz before you can join this forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Like “Name Green Tentacles favourite food & drink”(which I btw didn´t know back then, just gave him all, that also works).

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I did it the other way around: I learned much later that it also works when you give him a lot of “normal” food :slight_smile:

What gave you the idea for the wax fruits and fruit drinks then?