Cool video: Michael Land and Clint Bajakian about iMUSE and LucasArts

I gave him some “normal” food but I thought it doesn’t work. Basically I was just lazy and didn’t try all of it.

For some reason I also used to put a lot of food into the carnivorous plant not knowing I only need the pepsi.

And Ed´s cheese is a major red herring. He makes a big fuss about it, but when you give it to him he´s not interested.

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It’s highly unlikely that I’ll play MM, but it’s very probable that sooner or later I’ll play “Zap NutCracker and the extraterrestrial beings whose real name is not Mindbenders but that might be called so by earthlings because they bend minds with their machine.”.

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Yeah don´t do that. Because IT SUCKS!

Or just watch the movie instead (it´s star-studded):

Oh great, now I have to adapt the regular expression! :weary:

If you ever get it wrong, the greek god´s wrath shall come over you!