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Cross-stitch Thimbleweed Park characters by Emily Morganti


It’s always good to profit from every possible chance to link this: Thimbleweed Park Italian fan dub Project


So there is scene with Ransome, Ransome and some wannabe-Ransome. What does it prove?



We are nearing completion!

Ken Thien:

Ken Jones:

Carney Joe:


Reyes is still missing! Hopefully he’s next.


I think he will be last. Maybe he is her favourite?


Yep, looks like he’ll be last.



Soon we will see the completed work!

Brant Bailiwick, J.D., “We’ll screw’em for you.”:

Ricki Lee, first Youtube employee:

Ricki Lee with changed hair colour, making her hairstyle instantly recognisable:


The loom tapestry is almost done!


I always found it funny how she looked friendly from the side, but serious from the front.
(Is that how she looks or am I imagining things?)


No, you are not alone. :slight_smile:


Yes. Also I mostly remember seeing her from the side in game (behind the counter, in the cutscene).

Of course when she runs around in the shop you also see her front but I’m not that used to it. She looked a little bit like a stranger to me in this picture (her hairstyle which is not immediately visible in that picture also contributes).


Last but not least, Agent Reyes!

The afghan is nearly complete - the Thimbleweed Park sign is being added in the middle!


“Afghan … is … nearly … complete.”


And it was started… nearly ten months ago!! Wow.


I thought it was a tapestry!


I was just using the word Emily used to describe it :slight_smile: I haven’t actually heard it before.


I believe a tapestry hangs on the wall while an afghan lies on the floor and really ties the room together.


“Tapestry” is a album from Carole King. Or this thing:

(The German word is “Bildwirkerei”.)


*insert politically incorrect joke about war here*