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Cross-stitch Thimbleweed Park characters by Emily Morganti


And a great one! :musical_note: It´s too late baby it´s too late :musical_note:

Don´t mention the war!


And I thought it’s Wandteppich: Indy was always talking about those fine Wandteppiche! (which word did he use in the original version btw.? Have to look it up later…).


Same here.


A “Wandteppich” is a carpet. A “Bildwirkerei” isn’t a carpet (but made of other textiles).

/edit: Hm… the German Wikipedia redirects Wandteppich to Bildwirkerei…


An afghan is a blanket, often knitted or crocheted, something you’d keep draped on the couch. I’ve been calling the TWP cross stitch an afghan because it’s stitched on fabric that’s marketed as “afghan fabric,” but ZakPhoenixMcKracken is right, a tapestry is a more accurate descriptor. It’s too delicate to use as a blanket.

(Actually, the company that makes the fabric is German, but I can’t find it on their website to see what they call it in German. In English it’s called Anne Cloth and the company is Zweigart.)


It seems to be called just Anne:


Tapestries! Great scene!

“If you are a Scottish lord, zhen I am Mickey Maus!”


You know ,now that I see this again, when you look closely you notice the ADR in that part where he says “I am Mickey Mouse” which sounds and looks a bit odd. It´s because it was recorded later as he originally said “then I am Jesse Owens”. Lucas and Spielberg later decided that they´d rather have a reference that was more universially recognizable and stil would fit into the time. So they choose Mickey Mouse and had that line dubbed over later.


The afghan (aka tapestry) is done!

I’m auctioning off the finished piece for charity. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Video Game History Foundation (

The auction is here:

So if you want to own this thing and don’t want to do all the stitching yourself, now’s your chance! (I actually added up the stitches – there are 72,049 altogether.)


Oh wow :heart_eyes:


I’ve placed 2 bids for 260$ and 270$ but it has already raised :open_mouth:


Really ties the room together! :sunglasses:


345$ so far… way too much for me :frowning:


Oh wow!
It’s nearly at $500 now.

Here is a close-up of the last tile:

It also includes an Easter egg. It’s not easy to spot.

Here a close-up of the close-up:

The good news is: We have all the knowledge to great our own:

I just wish Chuck the Plant would also be there :slight_smile:


Hmmm… I can’t get the Easter egg… :thinking:


The close-up of the close-up should help…


I can’t see the close up picture.


Yes, I have observed it, there’s a close-up on one sign leg… so what?


How could you miss it?! It’s one of the most important parts of the game!!! :woman_facepalming:


I got it! :blush::white_medium_small_square: