Celebrating 30 YEARS of The Secret of Monkey Island!


One of the best games ever!
I’m “teaching” this great piece of history to my 10yo son (even if it involved purchasing that ugly Special Edition) because every generation must learn to fight like a dairy farmer!


I for one had a lot of fun switching back & forth. :wink:

@Frenzie Me too! But we’re not native English speakers, and unlike in DOTT Remastered, in MISE the “classic mode” is English-only, not practical for my 10yo son who needs the Italian subtitles. But sometimes I suggest him to switch just to see the old graphics (sometimes he even agrees with me that old graphics were better!)

Huh, I guess the rights for the translations must’ve been with the partnered distributors or something.

In fact if you play in “Special Edition mode”, i.e. the default, you get Italian subtitles with a brand new translation - and while I don’t like it very much, it’s acceptable. I wonder why they could not apply the new Italian translation to the “classic mode” as well… after all, they’re just strings…

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You could change them yourself to create the ultimate version with better/improved subtitles.
See also Monkey Island Fan translation

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