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Cyanide & Happiness PnC adventure game (and TWP mention)

Did you know that:

  1. The authors of the popular surreal and dark humored comics/cartoon series Cyanide & Happiness are developing a PnC adventure game…

  2. …that they will launch a Kickstarter campaign on Sep 5th, 2017…

  3. …and that they have mentioned Thimbleweed Park as the inspiration for their game?

From the press release:

"The game will be a dark humored point-and-click adventure game inspired by the classics such as The Secret of Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, and Thimbleweed Park. "

Teaser video:

Full press release
Official page of the game (not much to see right now).
Official YouTube channel


Yay. Thimbleweed Park is already a ‘classic’.

Good, I love their dark and politically incorrect humor :smiley:

We made Thimbleweed Park back in '87, we just recently found it in a dusty old drawer.


Unbelievable how ahead of its time it was!

Maybe should have put it somewhere, where it can´t get so easily lost.


I don’t understand why people are surprised of the label “classic”.

The Kickstarter is live and runs until 2017-10-05.

Sadly they won’t guarantee a (digital) DRM-free build on release so I won’t support this campaign.

This is what they told me:

Long term we may roll out to GOG, but not for the very first release.

It is my understanding that they do, but it costs a lot more. You need to buy the collector’s box and you’ll find a DRM-free copy of the game inside.

Anyway, I backed it. Regardless of what the backers get, it’s nice to see that a very popular franchise wants to develop a classic point-and-click adventure game.

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It’s an USB stick with the game. Unlike a download from GOG or Humble I suspect you will never get any updates for this version…

Backed, now let’s wait.

The Kickstarter campaign reached its goal.

What surprises me a bit is that while the popularity of Cyanide & Happiness is probably higher than the popularity of Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick, the Thimbleweed Park campaign was able to attract more backers in the first week:

(Source: )

(Source: )

Maybe it’s because Ron and Gary are popular with adventure game fans but C&H fans aren’t typically adventure gamer fans.

For easier reference: Here is a list of their Kickstarter projects (for some reason they create a new Kickstarter account every time they make a new campaign):

That’s probably true. From some comments of their backers and followers I suspect that some people don’t have idea of what is a point and click adventure game.

I just backed, will be cool to follow their development blog…
Hopefully they will have stand-up meeting podcasts detailing what they did this week and what they will be doing next week.

They have released a demo for part 1 on Steam in case anyone wants to try it:

But it seems to be only available during Steam Game Festival now.

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