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David Fox and Annie (Larris) Fox in Italy in September!


No, it went more like someone on the TWP podcast involved in the game saying they now lived in England or the UK and I seem to recall it was David Fox.

But I suppose I didn’t listen to each and every minute of the podcasts with intense scrutiny. :slight_smile:

Edit: I just remembered @Sushi was doing transcripts… any of that ring a bell?


The only UK person to feature on the podcast was Robert, iirc.
And perhaps Jenn? Also Ron moved to Seattle during the project.


Yeah I think the UK persons involved with the project were Robert, Lauren and the spanish translator (Concha?)


Oh right, and the guy who did the xbox version, Malcolm?
I think he actually was on one of the podcasts too.


I think they said Malcolm lives in Canada on the podcast (but sounds like he is originally from the UK).


Malcom Stead is definitely from UK, but I don’t know where he lives now.
And like @milanfahrnholz mentioned Lauren Davidson and Robert Megone are from UK.


I mean someone who sounds American saying something like that they lived in the UK now. Not someone who sounds Spanish saying that’s where they live, let alone someone who sounds like they’re from the UK. :slight_smile:

What about Gary Winnick?


I just pointed out that Malcolm lived in Canada. Now you’re twistin’ my melon, man.


I’m merely explicitly stating what I left more implicit.

I’d swear it was something like:

Ron: I’m in Seattle now.
not David :wink: : And I’m living in the UK these days, it’d be a pain to fly over.

I dunno what I might plausibly misremember from background listening. :slight_smile:


could it be Mark?


Video finished and sent to David first, just to be sure I can release it to the public.
As soon as I receive his OK, I’ll write here the link to watch it.


Sure, although it seems weird to confuse Oregon and England. :smiley:


Online now!

@Sushi (or anyone else): do you mind to transcribe this interview? :slight_smile: thanks!

Enjoy the show!



(Annie): David, would you like to do a sequel to Zak McKracken? Or do you think that the story is told? [user: @Someone]

(David): I’ve been asked this question a few times. I like Zak, I like the premise but…
[an hour passes]
… and then you sautée it in yack butter…
[another hour passes]
…and I said “That’s not a woman, that is my wife!” Har, har, har!
[Annie sighs off-camera]
[another hour passes]
… no.

(Zak): Grazie, David!


Seriously: I might transcribe it - but it will take a few days/weeks and no promises.


Ahahah!!! :rofl:
A quote from the guru in Kathmandu!


Wow, he answered questions by the whole forum! @someone and @someone and @someone and @someone and @someone

Others come later, though. (and I´m the very last so I feel special. :blush:)


You are the last, but not the least!


The most fun part of transcribing is reading those auto-captions.


I wouldn´t see a problem if that new guy was just fixing dinner most of the time! :laughing: