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David Fox and Annie (Larris) Fox in Italy in September!



Still salty about the 2016 election…that snowflake!


Sounds more interesting than Star Wars tbh.








Done! The Italian Job - featuring David Fox
I only couldn’t make out one word at 9:05… I guess it must be some kind of heavy utility grinder or something?


Milind barn boats

I was waiting for this, thanks! :rofl:


I like trying to think of the sentence that came before.

“Yo David, they weren’t the moves you be frontin’ at the rehearsal dance last night. What’s up with dat?”

“You dog! I usually give an example sequence. That was to party!”


And that screengrab only needs a backwards baseball cap on his head! :laughing:

@Gffp :wink:


Forgive me David…


I did it for the equal time rule, since I showed edited images of Ron and Gary too… :grimacing:

But this is the last time, guys… I don’t want to tease too much their patience :slightly_smiling_face:


:rofl: Perfect!


Bahah! :joy:


This is exactly how I remember the interview on the train :smile:


Yes, I didn’t mention that the editing took so much time, because I’ve erased the cap…


I think they´d find it funny. I mean I found it funny when it was me! :grin:


Glad to hear that! :slight_smile:
I always try to be funny and not insulting. Having met David and Annie in person as the great people they are, I became even more careful (and also the fact that David will give his voice to his character for the fan-dub too, so I don’t want to upset him!) :sweat_smile:


Not now, not ever!


As I mentioned to somebody off screen (I think I call things I don´t post public into the forum from now on) I think it´s real nice the kind of fun we can have with eatch other now without anyone getting upset. A sign of a really good atmosphere. :slight_smile:

We should be a workplace (and in parts, like the fan translators, I guess we are already) !


Yeah, I would pay for having a workplace like this! Oh, wait, there’s something wrong… like I’m supposed to get paid in a workplace :laughing:


It looks like you’re planning to leave Italy, then :stuck_out_tongue: