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David Fox and Annie (Larris) Fox in Italy in September!


For the record several locations in Zak are unclear.

  • The Tribal village in the Congo
  • The valley in Peru
  • The cave in Seattle
  • The Ashram in Kathmandu (though I´m assuming it is supposed at the place that has been destroyed by an earthquake a couple of years ago now)
  • And even the street where Zak lives in San Francisco

I´d love such a project myself, but that would make it a bit difficult.


Doesn’t exist a photo that could be taken on that spot? :thinking:


You mean you have seen one?


Yes, but I can’t remember where …


There’s no 13th Avenue in San Francisco, as far as I know.


You are right, it’s called Funston Avenue today. So Zak’s street would be here, but you can’t see the Golden Gate bridge from there.

… Discourse is saying I should discuss with other people too :smile:


Hey, @eviltrout , is Discourse programmed with the AI of a mother-in-law?


Welcome to the club. :wink:


Nope, those are cruse ships, not frighters :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure David didn’t help. He doesn’t look like someone who wants to get rid of fans.


Exactly. I was the only one to give my friend hints.


I was afraid the curse ships were going to insult me.


Hello people,

This is a post of greetings and thanks, maybe long but I need to write it.

First, I’m very grateful to @David and Annie for having chosen me as the initial guide for their tour in Italy. I did all the best I could to organize it, so they could enjoy their journey at the best.
We spent three whole days, together with my friends. That time spent together will be unforgettable. Printed forever in my heart and mind.
We talked about many topics, from games to politics, from education to history. It has been funny, interesting, fascinating!
Despite my not so good spoken English, we were able to communicate, in a way or another. By gestures or even in little Italian (Annie was really good at it!). The tone our voices helped a lot!

Then, I want to thank @Festarossa, he joined us and stayed with us a few days, he’s a super pleasant guy, and of good company. Hope to meet you again!

Subsequently, I want to thank all the people who took care of David and Annie from where I left them (Cervignano del Friuli) to all the cities across our peninsula, from the guys who offered a passage by car, directed to Florence and stopping by Padova, to the people who accompanied them in Naples and Pompeii, real friends, guides, respectable guys: @LostTrainDude, his brother, @Gffp

And thanks to all the people who came to say hello to David and Annie, Italians or not. It’s not a matter of nationality, but a matter of heart, love, appreciation, respect. That’s matters.

Tonight, it’s the last night that David and Annie have the same timezone as mine :smile:
I miss them already, but I’m not sad: in addition to the realization of my personal dream to meet the creator of Zak McKracken And The Alien Mindbenders, I’ve discovered two kind persons, “over the top”, rare and precious.

Thank you for your existence! :blush:


Do you have any more video (or did I miss the one where you submitted the questions from the forum?) ?


Yes @ZakPhoenixMcKracken, you said it well!
A big thank you to @David and Annie for coming in Italy and sharing part of their trip with us!
Together we visited Naples and Pompeii. Sunday afternoon there has been a public meeting in Piazza Dante during which many fans from all over the region came to greet Mr. and Mrs. Fox, with their memorabilia to sign! Me, @LostTrainDude, and @SydSacchi have printed the National Inquisitor in its fan-made graphical italian version from 2012 for David and for Matthew Kane: being quite essential to the game, it shows how affection for the work of the designers is still alive after many years!
David and Annie are really nice and interesting people, and you’d enjoy talking with them about a lot of different things: from the LucasFilm games division to new entertainment technologies, from history to today’s politics, from new perspectives on the fall of the Western Roman Empire to the future of automotive and electric cars. Knowing them you understand even better how they put their sensitivity in their work. They really deserve the love they received!

A thanks goes last to Chris and Syd, who living in Naples provided an indispensable (and funny) help to organize these days with Mr. and Mrs. Fox, and to coordinate the meeting on Sunday!


Still editing it.
I have recorded the interview on the train, there are a lot of background noises, the voice is quite understandable, but there are a few cuts I have to do.


On Saturday night me and @lucadigennaro, along with @David and Annie, were walking on a specific street we are used to walk through, probably, everyday.

We looked at each other and realized, laughing, that “David and Annie Fox walking through Via Scarlatti” is not a sentence we would have ever imagined saying, or even think about.

These last two weeks have been quite intense and I still have to process everything.

Meeting @ZakPhoenixMcKracken, @Festarossa and all of you people from this super-friendly community, organizing the best possible “Naples experience” with my brother @SydSacchi and @Gffp (whose knowledge and car have been a blessing throughout this trip), and visit parts of my city I have never visited before (yes, I’m that bad) was a rare and precious experience.

But most of all, having the chance to connect with David and Annie, whose work has always inspired me and still does to this day, discovering that the same “heart” I found in such work was true and still untouched, it is something that I will always be thankful for.

I guess it is true that “we are all connected, anyway”, as Annie said.

The last few years I have been meeting enthusiasts, developers and engaging in gamedev communities and it felt just like switching on an already wired up network: the links were already there, it was just a matter of switching the nodes on.

Thank you all, deeply :slight_smile:

EDIT: A huuuge thanks goes, of course, to all the people involved in the Cervignano Film Festival who actually made it possible for all of this to happen in the first place!


Update: the Fox landed safely in San Francisco!



Huh, I thought he lived in England or something? I must be confused with someone else.


Likely. I think it might have gone like this…

David Fox :us:


David Tennant :uk:

Peter Gabriel wearing a Fox costume :uk:

It can happen to the best of us!